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Honda Civic Making Whining Noise on the Power Steering



  1. Bad O-ring on the pump lids that needs to be replaced.

  2. Can you tell me where is the o ring located , in 07 Honda Civic LX

  3. Bad o ring that needs to be replaced.

  4. changomonkey86

    ok my car was crashed in to .. I drove it home .. the power steering resivor was bubleing like crazy and melted itself .. I then replaced resevoir and power steering pump and flushed it all out … now its still makeing that noise … u think it could be the rack and pinion … ??? the car hit me on the left tire front tire side …

  5. omg my ps once leaked, so this ps sound really traumatizes me

  6. When you say top of with oil, you mean power steering fluid ?

  7. that happens to my car too and when i accelerate. Why does it happen when i accelerate too???

  8. You would hear a whining noise hnnnnnnnn!! lol

  9. Hes right fill it up to top air is leaking from the refill cap 

  10. Ahmad Syafiq Aizat Mohd

    How did you get all the bubbles clear?

  11. I can tell from you accent your favorite game is tat lon!!!  Am I right?!!

  12. HONDAHHH!!!!

  13. hey my car does the same noise when I start it and when I accelerate. but not when I turn the steering wheel. its a 2005 honda accord euro. what should I do first should I replace the o ring ? 

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  15. obie “obiethrice25” thrice

    if my power steering system are leaking what are the most economical to do???can it fixed it without replacing my whole power steering system???

  16. Hamid Reza Maleki

    Hey, thank you very much for the helpful video. But I have another problem in the power steering. When I want to turn right or left, there is a noise in the power steering like: tegh tegh tegh … could you please let me know what the noise is and how I can repair it. Best regards

  17. Free Repair Guide

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