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Detail King Cigarette Burn Repair



  1. Good, but at that price you may as well go to an auto shop and have them fix it.

  2. somedude4million

    audio is BROKEN

  3. I feel dumb but what's the puffer called? I tried searching that and flock applicator, sprayer, etc. and it's not coming up…just the $70 electric sprayers.

  4. this is about as professional as it is going to get.. thanks for the tips and tricks will try it out :D

  5. cristianna west

    what about in fabric car seats?

  6. What porno did you get your music from?? LOL

  7. wher do you sell the kit? I need one!

  8. Fedya Arkhipov

    really good sound quality!!!!

  9. wow that looks great! does this also work on the ceiling inside of the car?? just glue and the puffer?

  10. Tiffani Williams


  11. will this also fix minor burns along the window pane area of a car i threw a cig out but hit the pane along the way so im tryin to fix it

  12. Does this method work for larger holes in car seats?

  13. Please, tell me, where can I buy the starter kit? I just bought my car and the previous owner might as well had torched the bastard. Please, I need this kit.

  14. @detailking01 The spray adhesive you are spraying will not last longer then a day and it will leave the carpet stiff. The fibers will rub out super easily and you will be left with a chunk of ELMERS glue in your burn.

  15. TheReptilianElite

    is there a kit like this for microfiber?

  16. where can i buy the whole kit??? i have 2 burn markes in my seat thanks…

  17. @1tokeover Any aerosol spray adhesive will leave the surface a little stiff but when you do this repair, you want to use as little aerosol adhesive as you can. I normally just give a quick spray and that is more than enough.

  18. That aerosol spray glue doesn't leave any crustyness or residue??

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