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Toyota 4 Runner Power Steering Rack Replacement (Full Version) – EricTheCarGuy



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    thanks for your video

  2. This video will come in handy. If it ever stops raining here, I will attempt this replacement. What I find extraordinary is that you can do this work AND record AND narrate it sensibly. I think that is fantastic. I'll be lucky to get this done and maintain my religion. lol

  3. please upgrade your light system. all your moveis are so dark

  4. hey Eric I have a couple of questions

  5. for all the eeeee maaan dont do it that waaaaay…. got a reconditioned steering rack with zipties… from a place which is doing it for 50 yerars.. so yeah

  6. Way to go Eric. Tell those winers to shut up. Your channel so you can do things the 'Eric' way if you want and that may not necessary the manual/book way.

  7. brs “Brsrafal” rafal

    How long can I ride on a bad rack and pinion? Been doing it for 5 years 100k lol I mean I'm not loosing power steering fluid. It drives and steres fine even alignment on point. I do hear minor noise when parking etc which got little worse over years also boot is toren I got about 250k on my camry don't want to put money into it besides that car good mechanical condition any advice? I wanna make this car last without doing unnecessary work $$ save money

  8. 16:53 that reminds me about that movie :)

  9. It could be just me but having own many vehicles it seems once the original steering rack goes bad you will be plagued with defective replacement racks. I have never had a replacement rack last more then a couple years after it was installed.

  10. Great job Eric.

  11. I've had bad luck with Napa bellows(inner tie rod boots).The car I had issues with was a 94 Lincoln Mark VIII.First I did the inner rods and used the Napa boots which failed within a year as they tore at the ends.Ended up replacing the rack(leaking) with a Napa unit and well the same thing happened ripped boots.So reuse the OEM ones if they're still good.

  12. Do you know about how long this took you and not just the video length? And should this be the same process for an '04 Tundra SR5?

  13. Billy Holcroft

    Be good to see you do some more 4wd stuff eric :)

  14. I just start but it's 25*f out here and i just stop smoking so i think i'm gonna wait for summer and regain my patience. Gotta change the power steering pump to so…I admire your patience that i loose.

  15. Eric, pack your tools, go home, kiss your wife, you done a good job.

  16. Excellent, I like Eric the car guy, No BS from Eric. Eric is a no BS guy, all the way.

  17. Remember when most cars didn't have power steering. Ah.. those were good days.

  18. Always a straight forward clear well spoken informative video thanks Eric

  19. its a split pin!, lol i love ur stuff tho eric, keep it up, ive watched heaps of ur videos, very helpful many times, cheers man.

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