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  1. rubberdukk2424

    I don't want to know what that car smelled like. They had to power wash the mats.. 😲😲😲😲

  2. Shawn P (Kye7)

    That car was INSANELY dirty. I hope you got at least $300 out of that job!!
    I would have either turned it down or charged out the ass.
    You did absolutely a fantastic job, I applaud you on tackling an awful interior like that!

  3. Beaumont checking in here. Great work!!!

  4. I prefer my car the before than after look

  5. A&J Mobile Detail

    daaaamn nice detail sir

  6. ActionMedia007

    How does a car even get that dirty to begin with? How much to come out to Colorado?

  7. Great job! Why dont you use a tornador or extrator for easy your job?

  8. One of the best turn arounds I have ever seen. Awesome work.

  9. I can perfectly imagine the Call of Duty playing neckbeard that drives that car. He definitely loves Mountain Dew and Hot Fries.

  10. Daaamn nice job. Bring that shiiid to Florida

  11. Wesley Robinson

    I just don't understand how someone could drive around in that thing before. People never cease to amaze me

  12. Did a murder happen in there?

  13. Ben is amazing! I just had my first experience with BAM! and if I could give it a higher rating I would–the booking process was simple, easy, and accurate (bamwash.com), Ben arrived on time and is super friendly, professional, and courteous and he did great work on my car. I opted for the second package on his website but will definitely be trying out different ones in the future. A few of my housemates who also saw his work were amazed at the convenience, affordability, and quality service that BAM! provided and are looking forward to calling him out for their own cars. I would definitely recommend this service.
    My car is shiny and new again–thanks a lot Ben!!

  14. great job!!! shame your base is not London. On our way back home tonight after a great time over here. carry on with your visionarie gift. A

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