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DIY: Automotive Upholstery Shampooing



  1. Luci_s GrandSuggah

    what temperature water?

  2. can you blow dry your car? I don't really live somewhere I can leave my doors or windows open…

  3. eternal in love

    very nice video 🙂 thumbs up

  4. What's the other product called? Spray Nine?

  5. James Gause Jr

    Did you spray and nine was the name of that cleaner?

  6. bestbroever pewdiepie

    hey my names erik. im 14 years old and i was wondering if you could give me some advice. i started this little car detailing business about 2 months ago. and im wondering what the best way to start a detailing? step by step. and i was wondering where is the best place to buy soap,wax,ect.. for a low price. beacaue i want to get more experience in it. and get better equipment so i'll do the right job faster and better. please hit me back up.

  7. tan interior is always a bad idea

  8. Great video for basic cleaning.

  9. toothbrush??? hard soft medium??? was the rag just an ordinary rag or a soft tissue rag? love the video thank you

  10. havyarimana michele

    I like how you do to shampo

  11. jassi naturelover

    So you are saying shop vac is better than bissel heatpro for car shampoo. I never heard that shop vac for car shampoo

  12. Guadalupe Martha

    Where did you buy the car shampooer? Im trying to buy one

  13. I use Zout laundry stain remover to get out stains. Will get out lube grease, oil, sweat, blood….etc. Haven't yet found a stain it won't get rid of. For most just spray it on and let I set. Others use a soft brush or rag.

  14. good video
    uszlachetniacze – testy i opinie

  15. Dulce Maria Solis (Every Other Hump Day)

    Nice, your video.

  16. I got a used car, with minor stains like pop. Will this remove it?

  17. The aftermath is SO satisfying lol

  18. +Kristi Wilson No, I haven't used any of those products in the past unfortunately.

  19. Any experience with Shout Advanced Gel and Oxyclean?

  20. archie hansford

    This upholstery cleaning video sounds like a science project, nice execution. 

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