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John Odea’s 1978 320i (With E30 Drivetrain Swap)



  1. nice baby blue shirt, fatty

  2. What type of suspension is the car sitting on?@thecarlife

  3. Awesome mod. I have a stock 78 320i and plan a engine swap in the next year, any suggestions? Also is a noticeable difference in handling from removing the front bumper? I imagine it weighs a bit.

  4. It has electronic fuel injection. The oxygen sensor is used to determine fuel trim by "sniffing" what's coming out of the engine. Without it you will run an "open loop" which is like a default setting. It's not optimal for performance or fuel economy. Installing the oxygen sensor made quite a difference with both performance, driveability, and fuel economy. Definitely worth the relatively cheap investment.

  5. I use my b25 without an O2 sensor. Does it matters a lot? I'm about to install a custom header and i want to install an O2 sensor, but does it worth to add that?

  6. It's completely one off. Custom tubular headers, straightpiped to a center resonator and then one pipe all the way to the back. There is no muffler on this car whatsoever. Realistically, your 528i can't sound like this due to the vehicles emission system and running catless on a "newer car" is going to be a challenge depending on where you live. Keep in mind that the motor in this car is also substantially different from what later model BMW engines as well.

  7. what is his exhaust setup. i have an E39 528 and would love to have that sound please and thank you :). btw great and awesome videos

  8. This car at the moment has issues. The previous owner/builder never installed an oxygen sensor and the car runs filthy rich because of it. We're going to weld am oxygen sensor bung in place and install the appropriate sensor and see how much better it runs. The car makes a real nice sound but it needs the power to back it up.

  9. It's a 2.7 ETA block with a 2.5 bottom and top end. We've been trying to get this car in better running condition and just figured out it's been running open loops for fuel because an oxygen sensor was never installed. We're also doing work on the suspension as well in a few months.

  10. M20B25? Or built some bigger? 🙂 Awesome noise!

  11. cool swap. I am helping my uncle swap a m42 into his e21. I am working on the cross member, going to fab up mounts on the x member so that the e30 m42 engine and motor mounts fit to the e21.

    how much faster does the car feel?

  12. your wheels are just like mine.

  13. 0:48 That sound !!!!!!

  14. LaNovia Entertainment

    Very cool BMW!!! Greetings from The Netherlands. Happy driving!

  15. BMW is the only ONE.

  16. Come on dude! MAKE A VIDEO PLEASE! 😀

  17. sleeper of the century

  18. Love this car so much.

  19. It's not that shocking when you look at how it was all designed and built. Reality is plastic + heat = bad times. My upper radiator neck on the OE radiator has cracked twice on the plastic seam. It's done this way to keep production costs down as all aluminum radiators are more expensive.

  20. M52TU I6.

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