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Trophy 3.5 Runaway Results in Blown engine & costly repairs



  1. Martin Rodriguez

    I don't like this rc cars because you need to repair it alot

  2. exact same thing happened to me, but signal or battery loss. Car flipped over and engine revving as hard as it could, sucking in lots of dirt. Killed it pretty fast.

  3. hatefulVlogger101

    is the wall ok

  4. Ja Ja, omg, that happened to me once and I didnt go back to the track for like a month…

  5. what was the reason of the runaway……your controller lost the connection or the reciever battery ran out???

  6. fucking idiot

  7. I had a runaway. Even with my fail safe return spring on the throttle the servo locked wide open and did not relax. Not only did my engine blow after the impact but it hit a rock wall at 60mph. Nothing left. Scattered the car and bent the aluminum frame 90 degrees. A total loss. The controller and receiver along with servos were brand new. Only 15 minutes of use. I took that crap back to the hobby store. When they tried to give me the speech telling me I couldn't return it, I emptied my bag of destruction of what used to be a Nitro car on their counter to show them what their POS equipment malfunction caused. They saw how pissed I was and realized I wasn't going away quietly. Last time I ever put so much money into something only linked to me by a radio frequency. I had 1,200 US dollars in that car (not counting the Radio). Never again have I ever put more than 400 into one now. Still makes me mad and this was 10+ years ago. Sold what few good parts were left on eBay

  8. what was going on I am lost in the video did he do the revving up cause if so u could have pressed on the brakes whitch should stop it from doing that.

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  10. This is one of the reasons I run electric, if the battery disconnects the whole thing shuts down.

  11. funny voice you have

  12. Alexandros Sotiropoulos

    Probably you have to install a failsafe device on the car to enable it to stop when the signal is lost and not run away like this.

  13. I had a switch problem too. Luckly I figured out what it was and replaced it. Was way too easy to turn off.

  14. Nikolas Theodorou

    please tell me how much it cost to repair.

  15. that sucks bro stop using the hpi radio!!!!!

  16. had this exact problem with my firestorm 2.4ghz. in the end I got a new transmitter and receiver. worked ever since. I think hpi are using low quality control gear to be honest.

  17. after hitting the wall your engine came loose resulting in a stripped gear. Oh yeah because of the gear letting loose the engine revs up incredibly high resulting in a damaged engine. something like that. is the car still living and if so, what is the condition?

  18. the ramp has a far too steep incline the buggy isn't designed to fall on a flat surface from such a height will knock your batteries or something of that nature off in anycase thats a bad runaway sorry for your loss, i just ordered a Hobao Hyper SS .28 i hope i dont have a runaway like that

  19. does it have fail safe

  20. I have a couple of HPI nitro cars. The motors are only around 75 USD so if it pops you just buy another one.

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