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Exposing hidden rust under car windshields KSL com



  1. Good for the installer, got exposure. But for sure there are just too many mediocre installers out there who don't follow the rules. They are the one's that give a bad name to the rest of the honest guys. When I do installations I make sure that owners get their eyes on how I do the installs. For example showing them that they have rust, removing the rust, application of the primer, quality of the glass, safe drive away times and much more. In addition pointing out which tools do what. Integrity is what counts. Customers cant always see everything we do, so its important to let them know what they need to look out for. Diamond Auto Glass, Yuba City, CA

  2. James Logan Howlett

    KSL investigative report about the hidden dangers of rust underneath windshields previously replaced.
    I've said this for years!
    The Best There Is At What I Do!
    This News Report Is Fantastic! Proves what bad workmanship results in this business.
    I'm so excited to find someone else reported, installing windshields, doin' the job correctly like we do….. WITH PRIMER. I find vehicles with a windshield that had been replaced by some "hack-job" installer who's exactly that. They go PRIMERLESS only out to replace as many windshields cheaply and quickly as possible. One scratch in the paint causes rust and must be primed to prevent this hidden DANGER.

  3. Part of the problem is the chrome or rubber trim around the glass.  It is cosmetic. It does not completely seal or keep out water (saltwater from ocean sports equipment) or debris. Instead it traps water and debris, keeps air from drying it quickly and promotes rust.

  4. Zack “Hypelt” S

    Gotta love this Windshield installer calling out other installers for doing the job incorrectly when he himself isn't following the correct method of installation.  Here are a few of his mistakes:  1.  Not pulling the cowl.  2. Using a utility blade instead of a BTB blade that is a lot less likely to scratch the pinch weld.  3. When the car's pinch weld is that rusted he should not be installing a new windshield without getting the proper body work done.  Not using primer is a big problem in the industry but this guy was far from doing the job correctly.  Nice try KSL.  

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