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Will a K&N air filter save you money over a paper filter? – Auto Information Series



  1. Maybe I'm not reading this correctly but 30k intervals for changing the engine filter? I changed mine every 10k going off that a K&N isnt a bad idea.

    I've been trying to find a video that shows any differences between a KN drop in and a SRI

  2. I guess I made the right decision getting a K&N filter, nice to know.

  3. Albuquerque representing… Great stuff brother!

  4. I have K&N on all my vehicles

  5. This type of research was exactly what I was looking for. Great video.

  6. great video.appriciate the effort you put into this.great job brother

  7. I can appreciate the effort gone into making this video but I don't think there was any difference between the two tests at the $1.38 mark you had reached the exact same place

  8. What a well detailed video. I always lived k & N filters but this just pu the cherry on top! Great video!

  9. Do they filter just as good as paper filter.

  10. Thanks for your video!

  11. Not So.
     Calculations wrong.
    You can not drive for a couple of minutes and then state your fact on that..
    Come on people.
    I may be more persuaded to believe this if you drove two cars together for a year and not a couple of minutes.I live in Canada,you know 4 seasons.Very hot and very cold.Clean roads and dirty roads.To get more air flow you need to let more dirt into the engine and as the miles accumulate the oil coated filter will clog up more reversing the better gas mileage theory.
    So now we have great airflow to begin with damaging the engine and after the miles accumulate we will achieve less gas mileage due to a clogged up filter.Damaged engine means less efficient and more oil used as years accumulate.

     Lets be real.This thing for one ain't worth the ridiculous cost and neither is the cleaning kit.

    If this were so great why does not one auto or motorcycle manufacturer install this as an oem filter.I know you are going to tell me all they are interested in is profit.Then why dont they sell it as an add on like seat mats or better wheel rims.You know why because this is just another scam that people buy into.
    Before you waste your money go here and read this.


  12. Michael Barnstein

    Where do you get that Scan gauge from?

  13. what year and model is your volvo it also depends on car, direct injection or regular and transmission. and etc

  14. bleedingeyeball27

    Appreciate a non-bias evaluation. Video reviews typically are selling the product.

  15. Awesome video man. I love your real world approach, your no nonsense B/S, and how you show everything. It just makes sense. And the spreadsheet was killer. Great job

  16. Nice Video, Thanks

  17. I noticed a small increase in highway mpg only. I got about an extra 25 KM per tank when i switched to a K&N air filter so it does help slightly.

  18. Hi +Robert DIY 
    I found this video very interesting regarding the facts on gas saving and increasing HP, however I been reading that K&N filters since they are preatty much oily it can damage the MAF sensor on Volvo's?, what's your opinion and are you still using K&N?

  19. Nice video Sir,

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