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Small Dent Repair – Hair Dryer and Compressed Air – Short Version VIdeo



  1. On the DYI video's defense – At 3:09 the narrator said that many of you claim it works, but not for me.

  2. If it didn't work why did you post this video under that tittle?

    Fuck You just for that…..

  3. Ok so I just watched a video of someone warming up a dent then cooling it down. how informative!!!!!

  4. Kentucky Rifleman

    Good to know what does and doesn't work. What about heat gun and dry ice? Any chance of damage with heat gun?

  5. Laurent Blanchet

    I think you didn't cool it down enough. The other video I saw has the guy holding the spray on it for a lot longer.

  6. the amount of time you spent heating a cooling it I could have repaired it 100% with PDR. Find a local professional pdr tech in your area and pay him to do it for you.

  7. what a waste,,

  8. Hey thanks for the short version 🙂
    This doesn't seem to work for everyone,
    a comment said it doesn't work on older cars, thicker bodywork I guess,
    some people use a paint dryer, i'm trying it on my Starlet this weekend :)

  9. you must to use not hair dryer, idiot … you must use heat gun. it must be 300-600 Celsius degree

  10. Sebastian Cumsille

    It won`t work on flat surfaces so easily (your 3 dents) as there is no strain to undo it…

  11. Marvin Jennings

    Total waste of time to watch this video. It shows nothing.

  12. why do you title it SAMLL DENT REPAIR – you did NOTHING but WAIST time!!!

  13. UniBro - Positive Amputee-ism

    You have to be patient.  The guy in this vid was too impatient and rushed through it.  Better results if you let the dryer heat for roughly 30 seconds, wait for 5 seconds then spray the carbon dioxide(air duster) for roughly 10 seconds in a circular motion.
    Then wait until all the frost disappears…then wipe off.

    Works every time.

  14. i used a whole can and not one was fixed so didnt work for me

  15. Ernesto Rodriguez

    It only works on plastic or rubber dummy.

  16. Depends on the heater's power. Heating time should be range from 15 min to 45 mins. Heat the dent and the around area –> push on the other side –> cold water freeze. Works on plastic only.

  17. Its not going to work on metal……try it on a dent on a plastic fender, the heat and cold will cause it to expand and contract hence y it pops out.

  18. On the three videos I watched where this worked, after they heated the area,  they sprayed the coolant around the dent first. It was not done that way in this one, so Frank and Camelisator are probably right.

  19. A hair dryer and a heat gun are two different dryers .

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