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How to Stop Car Windows from Steaming Up



  1. i used the rainx and it seemed to just make it worse. i cleaned the window and followed the directions. what went wrong?

  2. its cream or foam? ???

  3. any idea how long this lasted for? come the winter time I'm definitely going for this though

  4. very good video.

    thx for doing it.

  5. TourdeFrance20131


  6. Hey do u have a video on how to buff your car they right way and safely

  7. As a scuba diver you MUST have heard of the cheapest glass de fogger going. Known as good old "Saliva" it has enzymes innit that keep glass free of condensation. We could start a new Krazz. People spitting on their windows and rubbing it in! You'd probably get certified and never see the light of day again. Unfortunately most of us won't be using shaving cream, unless you want to of course. How about "bottled saliva" or Spit to those who don't know wot saliva is. Still enjoyed the video thanks. Have a nice day.

  8. will this work if your windows or limo tinted?

  9. Raquel G Javier

    I did Watch the video that toothpaste

  10. thank😀

  11. An other tip, that you don't need to buy anything!!!!! lolll When it's cold outside, always use fan speed at medium or higher…(my car has 4 settings and it's always at 2 or 3),… if you feel hot, change the temperature dial NOT the fan speed!! It helped keep a uniform temperature and also the warmer air helps absorb humidity and since the fan is working, air inside the cabine gets changed and so humidity goes out! If there's snow, I recommend using "Bi-level" (Floor and panel). and if you feel warm, on some cars, turning up the dial will send cooler air to the panel but maintain warm air at floor, which again, helps with humidity. Hope This helps someone! I've been doing this for ever and never had any windows fog up on me! Not even a fogged up/interior iced windsheild on a cold canadian winter morning.

  12. 2

  13. why is the titel on german

  14. Great video @ChrisFix… Imma go do this to all 3 of my cars… Thanks a lot!

  15. lol😎

  16. i love how u used the potato

  17. Gillette good for my diving loool

  18. jonathan oxlade

    best way to stop foggy windows don't fucking breath lol I am serious aswel but dont hold your breath for too long tho

  19. Nivedita Sattaur


  20. Yours tips are very helpfull, thanks.

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