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How to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter (COMPLETE Guide)



  1. 6:03 did he just call it a tranny?

  2. i saw the video of your engine oil changing its really help full thanks for sharing your information with us

  3. Painting that pan made me a subscrtiber. I love to put in that extra effort for the very best results possible.

  4. very very helpful, thank you!

  5. I've never had the filter changed on my 05 Monte Carlo. Just flushed I'm gonna try this maybe it will help it from shifting so hard after stopping at a light. Great vid as always

  6. Chris… Buy a Subaru and work on it please!!!

  7. Dakota Farrulla

    Your manual says "replace manual transmission fluid". Would you consider that to mean flush or to drain pan and fill?

  8. I like the way you do your job..

  9. Riddle me this! So my on the dipstick, the fluid comes out light brownish red. I have never done ATF or filter change in the 6 years I've owned the vehicle, with 110k miles on it so far. There aren't any big problems (yet) with shifting or slipping, but I always wonder about the strange noise that occurs every time it shifts to 3rd gear. It sounds like faint fritzing/crackling, kind of like taking wet sand in your hand and swishing it around. It only happens when accelerating to 3rd gear.

    So I decided to top off a little ATF (SPIII for my car), shift through all selections, the noise disappeared but came back after half an hour of driving. But after doing that, my car did something odd I had never seen before while I was breaking at a red light. It was in Drive, but all of the lights came on and Check Engine as well, the car was still running. I put it in park, turn the car off and turn it back on and it was fine. I hope I didn't damage anything by adding fluid. I put in like maybe 1/4 a cup. What's your take on it?

  10. What's the minimum requirement of tools needed to perform this? Like, do you really need the torque wrench? Do you reallly need the gasket glue?

  11. What happens if you shift and don't have transmission fluid?


  13. I have 2013 Rav4 & i recently changed transmission fluid & filter & pan gasket & added half litre more fluid after measuring the fluid came out but now i smell of transmission fluid after half hour of driving when i open the hood but there is not leak at all

  14. I really like ChrisFix, EricTheCarGuy, and ScottyKilmer! I've learned a lot from you helpful mechanics!

  15. Samuel Martinez

    hi! i have a honda civic 2000 and i i want to ask you, pleas! were is the transmission filter ? do you know?

  16. can you please do a manual transmission change. Btw I love your videos thanks for making a difference in the world

  17. What if I have a drain plug? Do I need to take off the pan?

  18. Chris, how do you know the torque settings for all these bolts. Ive seen various other videos on your channel and they lead me to believe you have a brain for all the torque values for every bolt known to man haha. Are they written somewhere in your owners manual, did you search them up, or are they common knowledge amongst mechanics

  19. jasperstekelenburg

    Did you completely sanded it down with all the grids before painting? (I think so but just to be sure) and if you did, what grids did you use? Sorry for the bad english btw, im from holland :D

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