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Door bottom rust repair



  1. Nice job man!! How many hours did you have into what was covered in this video? Awesome work.

  2. Thank you for your great video I love to see metal workings like that hope you do more videos..!

  3. Master metalworker.

  4. i wish i had the ability to fix my car. it has alot of rust above my rear wheels. But i have no garage and my neighbours would only complain if i did anything

  5. Love this hillbilly accent!

  6. Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    brilliant vid ,nice accent by the way lol

  7. Great work! Video has a lot of good information in less than 15 minutes.

  8. are you in NJ by any chance lol… great job

  9. A pretty good job from a good ol boy! But…"NEVER hit a hammer, with another hammer" that's what my autobody teacher would yell at me LOL!

  10. some great metal fabrication there bud. Nice job.

  11. I enjoyed your video! You do good work

  12. nice job

  13. Nice Metal Working!

  14. What wire size do you use while welding the sheet metal?

  15. really really nice clean work man! Wish I had a friend like you for my 1974 Nissan Datsun

  16. jacksevilmachine

    great video Gibson63…I have an old 69 F100 that needs rust repair on the doors and this helps tremendously

  17. William Hennessey

    hey gibson 63. excellent video. you have great attention to detail. would you mind telling me your baseline welding settings? wire size, speed and heat?

  18. good video

  19. Great job it answered a bunch of questions I had. thanks for the help.

  20. Nice straight cuts good sir, well done!

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