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Rear-view Mirror Car DVR Camera REVIEW



  1. Thanks! Great, comprehensive, informative video but one thing I noticed was that it was difficult to see car number plates at any time of day & at any of the resolutions you tried. Any thoughts?

  2. I can help you install a rear view camera including cars with canbus see my channel.

  3. i hate clip on mirrors and all those got damn wires!

  4. dosnt the camera get covered up when on the mirror ?

  5. How do you change the language ?

  6. Shirley Kincaid

    This mirror fits on my Subaru mirror without it touching the sun visors touching

  7. Triple ThreatImaging

    Good quality product from China.

  8. I recently got something very similar to this and simple fix is move the camera mirror more to the left of the original mirror and tilt the camera more over. works great now

  9. In general , i think 10 or 15FPS is enough for daytime maybe even night… 10FPS is 1/3 of 30FPS which means conserves storage space , less data written with higher resolution, SD card will last longer due to number of rewrites … I need to buy new 32GB microSD card almost early with 1080p@30fps …first the sd card starts to loose space until it can barely save 1 or 2 clips then it "dies". So my two cents , buy larger capacity (16 at least) , not the cheapest you can find , at least class10. btw this car DVR has many disadvantages , did not like it.

  10. David Waterman (Max)

    wrt the camera filming the side of your built-in mirror, would it not be possible to move the mirror-cam to the left so it isn't fitted symmetrically? I know that doesn't help with the passenger's visor fitting, though it might help with the driver's side one…

  11. useless or repeated comment

  12. useless or repeated comment

  13. notice en françai,svp

  14. David Beveridge

    How about doing a review of the 4.3 rear view mirror with both front and rear cameras.
    the China men doesn't explain nothing on this dash cam mirror
    I was thinking of purching one for both of my vehicles.

  15. Total biscuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cheers love……..you have the same accent as Geoff Lloyd of Absolute radio…..Norff London?

  17. I currently have a dash Cam that has the identical interface. also comes with the "night vision " lights. cheers

  18. I was looking at this product only today , even with it being for a left hand drive car I think you still get a decent image. Thanks for the vid.

  19. David Beveridge

    what is the best quality mirror camera a person can buy?Does any of them have a battery when the vehicle is not running
    can't be hooked up to a car lighter socket?

  20. The menu is identical to the "original dash cam 2" settings menu.

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