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Project MX-5: Saving My Rusted Miata From Certain Death



  1. Alex Ortiz (BurningICE79)

    Whenever I think my 240 has bad rust I just watch this… My car only got rust on the left rail and a bit in the left of the engine bay

  2. I know this is relatively old now, but I am wondering how much this set you back. I am looking to buy an MX-5 but a lot of them do have rust.

  3. how do you guys find great workshops like this one? I dont live in GB, but the workshops in my country are terrible, with people knowing absolutelly nothing about cars and they most likely refuse to take care about a car older then cca 2 or 3 years, which is quite problematic

  4. Did you see the penis wheels on the mx5 behind at 2:01

  5. Thank you for saving a classic!

  6. But rust is weight reduction why'd you get rid of it?

  7. Sooo… where do you get the replacement sills from? I've searched everywhere with no luck.

  8. "my mum told me that anything you can fist, is bad". Quote of the day right there :D

  9. I've had smoother sh!ts come out my arse than that paint job and the rest of it is flat as hell.

  10. АвтоЖитомир Ремонт

    Well done.

  11. I love cars. I absolutely hate rust. Well done guys. Damn you rust!!

  12. I wonder how much it costs to pay a shop with two employees 5 weeks working on your car full time. Must be in the tens of thousands of pounds just to get it fixed!

  13. For the love of a Miata, all worth it.

  14. I can't believe the amount of orange peel paintwork on the door @ 12.00mins!!! Whoever painted that should be shot!!

  15. on

  16. awesome content, Carthrottle

  17. Kristoffer Berentsen

    That last shot of the paint job was horrible, the paint job, not the shot.

  18. my miata got water inside the body frame. I'm trying to find out where I can get it out and where the crack is. any advice on how to take out the water from it? I can hear the water when I step on the gas and hit the brakes. I'd appreciate it if yall could help.

  19. Foster Chadwick

    where to get the Miata NA metal sill? I don't want plastic. same problem as video.

  20. Gareth Winstanley

    that paint job looks terrible

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