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Justin Bieber gets a new SUV from West Coast Customs



  1. Is he wearing a diaper in those doodoo saggy pants? gross.

  2. WrathMusicOfficial


  3. cast pearls before swine


  5. He def doesn't deserve this

  6. nice car

  7. Whats the music at 3:25 ?

  8. Does anyone know what year Justin Bieber adopted ghetto speech?

  9. Rick “The Greatest Poster” Ever

    I fucking hate that kid.

  10. Kaeden Unboxing

    He need to pull up his pants

  11. How u guys can say jb is gay

  12. closet homo, wannabe black street nigga, you so clever beieber

  13. I wanna work with you guy
    I love to do this
    I need this 😉😊

  14. I wonder if yall ever think about how Justin feels.I wonder how would any of you feel being in his place and being told all these negative things.He is just human,him wanting to be black or not its his business.WTF is yall doin here anyways.i wonder why you clicked to view the video

  15. at 24 to 32 he needs to shut his pickle neck head ass up

  16. Jack Satidyakorn

    Justin test music what the music?

  17. nice pants you fag. pull your damn pants up wigger

  18. Justin Bieber is gay

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