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How to Use Body Filler or Bondo



  1. fiberglass resin can it be used as a fiberglass sealer or if not what do you use to seal fiberglass

  2. can this be used on paper? how easy is it to use on like sculpting surfaces? I'm wanting to build a helmet out of paper then bondo and sand it to make it look realistic.

  3. can you use this to fill big gaps in the bumper it if your working on your own bumper?

  4. Brandon Francey

    Helpful. Thanks.

  5. I have a 96 Honda civic with the "rubber roof trim" missing, and dont really want to hunt down the replacements, could I use this stuff to fill the "Channels" where the strips used to be to make a uniform smooth roof?

  6. Just what I needed! Thanks, guys!

  7. not bad of a video but u mix the body filler and hardner to messy

  8. nice video

    please can you list the filler name and the red thing you put in the filler name and all the tools you used in this video i am trying to fix my car dents asap please

  9. Internet Spectator

    style of this video is really good, straight and to the point

  10. goldwingman1500

    In Oz we call it Car Bog

  11. Omg so much bondo

  12. steelreserve1000

    That's what she said at 0:53

  13. Yeeaahh !!!!😏 nice and simple

  14. Ha I used to work at fleet farm

  15. I typically get hard before I get it on 😀
    Nice video, sir.

  16. Jeremy Hollander

    I gotta chuckle a little bit here. I been doin Bondo for years and there's no such thing as less hardner is better than no hardner. All depends on how u sand. More hardner,quicker dry, faster production and easier to sand. I find many positives to adding more hardner. As recommended u add a dime size of hardner. That's apropriate way to add hardner. If u can't feather ur ends out quick enough before ur body drys than put the tool down and let a pro handle it 

  17. CodedToast Mark R

    All that "bumping" will cause air bubbles!

  18. Travis Christianson

    thanks for your profesional advise momo motherfucker uuuuhhhhhhduuuuuhhhhhh

  19. what the hell's a fleet farm 
    ps from wyoamin 

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