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How To Change Brake Pads on a Subaru and Most Cars



  1. That disc brake quiet red stuff says it is for non-shimmed pads. those pads looked shimmed. Is it the right product to use? I thought there was a lube or grease to use instead. Also, that disc brake quiet is supposed to dry before installing the pads. Good tips though, those just seemed to be the opposite of what others Ive watched say.

  2. I think my impreza 08 non turbo has only pads on front wheels. is that correct?

  3. i like to tighten the top star nut 1st. just me ?, well not tighten but put on. obviously once all finger tight, tighten all opposite, watched this mainly for pad repalcment, was a bit dissapointed

  4. I remember watching this vid months ago and it helped me do my first brake pad change. Came back again just now to reference it, as I'm ready to do them again. Thanks so much!

    Have you done a video on replacing the brake discs too? I would really appreciate it! I have an 05 impreza

  5. Have you found that you need to change the brake pad shims with each brake job? '09 Legacy owner here.

  6. Hi Brian, i have a 2007 Subaru legacy wagon and the parking brake is partially seized, could you please do a video on replacing the cable and properly adjusting the brakes? I've looked online and I haven't found a video on a Subaru.

  7. I changed out the front pads and rotors on a friends 07 Outback. I hear a Clunk noise when applying brakes going from reverse to forward, but only once in each direction, then the sound goes away. All bolts tight, proper lube used, shims etc. in place. Any ideas? Could this  be from small pads?

  8. Awesome video, Doing my 06' Legacy today!!

  9. Could you list the tools required please? 

  10. One of the best brake pad videos I've seen. 

  11. Great video man! Just as an FYI to anyone else replacing the rotors as well on a Subaru Impreza 2.5i (2007 for me) When removing the remaining caliper bracket, which you don't have to remove for just doing the pads, the rear caliper bracket bolts will likely be seized on. A quick Google search will show the majority of results involve how to fix a snapped caliper bolt! Do yourself a favor and spray the fastener and the mating surfaces with some PB Blaster, and then gently crack it with steadily increasing pressure with a breaker bar, or a piece of metal pipe slipped over your ratchet. Extracting a broken bolt form the back of the caliper doesn't sound like a great way to spend an afternoon!

  12. Thanks. Is there a difference when doing brake pads for a 2 wd 02 Chevy Tracker?

  13. Thanks. Is there a difference when doing brake pads for a 2 wd 02 Chevy Tracker?

  14. thanks for the clear instructions and sound fundamentals

  15. Kenneth Trousdale

    Nice job!  Was trying to see if there was a specific call out for grease or glue for the Sub.  Mine is squealing during backup only on new pads from the front.  I used the CRC spray but will try the glue as I dont thing the spray was thick enough to keep it from floating on the caliper.

  16. ThanX for sharing 

  17. Myrna Murphy music videos

    nice job!      How are you at CV boots on 2006 honda truck?

  18. Very well done. Great tips, very well explained. All around, great job.

  19. Great guide. You do a great job explaining the process. I have some stoptech rotors and hawk pads I'll be putting on soon, I'll definitely use your tips while installing. First Diy I'll be doing on my 06 LGT.

  20. Jennifer “Jen” Mckay Vanbrunt

    Hello. Where do u live? I need my brakes done on my 1998 subaru. Anybody want to help me?? 

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