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How it’s made Electric Roadsters Tesla elecric car



  1. Marc Chevrefils

    All I can think about before any of these cars came out was Tom Ogle.

  2. I hear they released their patents. Now where can I get roughly 6000 18650-batteries?

  3. Fly house of truth

    iLov the truth

  4. i would like to see a show about multi speed gear boxes for electric cars and their advantages

  5. omerfaruk agacdiken

    bu site sadece ingilizcemi –türkçe yorum yazmak mümkün degilmi?

  6. and ppl say brothers don't like to work…..this made my day!!

  7. Linsey Hornberger

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from INPLIX .

  8. Maribel Hutchinson

    You can learn more about it on INPLIX website.

  9. Does the battery charge itself like a regular car charges its battery while running ?

  10. All cars should be electric by now.

  11. Bartosz “Weha” Chrzanowski


  12. Wheel wells with electromagnets that change polarity while going straight too idk just seems there's gotta be an even safer more efficient system

  13. Wait what about electromagnetic rims with two sets of electromagnets that have ballbarones between them made out of alluminum and the electromagnets change polarity within the rims to propel the vehicles forward

  14. Hey do y'all think it's possible to build these vehicles out of mainly alluminum have electromagnetic plates instead of wheels an electromagnetic roadway one polarity and the electromagnetic plates change polarity to hover a vehicle down the electromagnetic roadways or possibly electromagnetic tires like tires with electromagnets built inside of them that would change polarity as the vehical moves forward and GPS navigation so the vehicals run on computers with usb chargeable smart phone watch's that would crank unlock as well as allow drivers to set a destination and alarm go off shortly after vehical maps in with other vehicals and can tie into traffic possibly the seats could open up to allow ppl to drop the bomb or urinate to avoid stopping at public restrooms…

  15. Headley Duncan (hgd718)
  16. Electric cars are the future…….. 

  17. Tesla remaking the automobile as we know
    Electric vehicles are not new
    But Tesla is going 100%


  19. King)))

  20. Why Tesla uses induction AC motors? Because Nikola Tesla invented the AC motor….why not. Same inventor invented time travel.

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