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DIY – Repair Door with Bondo Auto Body Filler ( Part 5)



  1. and  now u have to paint the entry door to match the screen door.

  2. Excellent series on a repair done right. You're a good teacher and explain every step perfectly. Thank you

  3. Very informative! Thank you for your time on showing us how to fix damaged doors without having to replace them. I have a pup that scratched our door very bad. Now I'll be able to repair it without having to purchase a whole new door. Again Thank you

  4. great job.  I am going to start using bondo wood filler on all my project now because of the quick dry time.

  5. That turned out well.

  6. Great video. Very informative. Excellent patch. Thanks and keep them coming.

  7. nice one, enjoyed the video(s).

  8. Great Video!  I will attempt to fix the same problem, thank you so much.
    I really enjoy watching all your videos and now I also learn how to fix crack in my ceiling, thanks to you.

  9. Bondo is the best exterior & interior wood filler for uniform expansion & contraction with wood and its toughness. Remaining problem is the dog. If they clawed before, will claw again, ruining the repair. 🙂  


  11. a fantastic video!
    of course, thumbs up!
    Kisses and happy weekend

  12. The orange colored door looks so cool. Wonderful job. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving ! ☆

  13. cinderelladreamy

    Gutes Video und perfekt wie du das machst, mein Kompliment
    Viele Grüsse und alle Sterne sendet Jutta

  14. Well presented and informative Video once again Russ…..Do you always use a Roller when painting wood…especially doors?…..regards….Dave

  15. Perfect finish…can't see a ripple in the door!!!

  16. Good work.. do u do this on the side or is this your main profession.. and if it's tour profession do u have employees

  17. Excellent   Job,  Happy   Thanksgiving  from   Australia.

  18. Another excellent job. I wish this video had been made a few years ago. I had primed our garage with white primer and used a similar color paint that you used on the door. Needless to say, I had to put about six coats of red paint to stop the primer from bleeding through. Live and learn.  

  19. I steal your craft LOL Great job Russ!! Thousand stars for you!!! 

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