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How to Change Drum Brakes (In-depth, ultimate guide)



  1. haha, usually when i do maintain my bike / car , i just take a photo, and when i forgot i just see the photo, and its kinda messed up, the way you print ur photo is giving me a new insight!!! thank you chris!

  2. Very handy. Why didn't you use the new springs that were in the kit though?

  3. Great videos man!

  4. Jesus Rafael Gordillo Rodriguez

    how can I install spacers on back tires on montero mitsubishi the breaks are drums not calibers

  5. Man you got some great vids! This will deffo give me an edge for my auto shop class!

  6. Question. Mine doesn't have the small rubber boot with the hole.. it's a large piston instead, without the little rubber hole, that the little guys stick into, on each side. Will this work? Do I have the wrong Cylinder? I have this:

  7. Bibianito Larida

    How to fix the parking cable on Lincoln town car

  8. is there a reason why you didn't just replace all the hardware?

  9. hi, please help. should i change the wheel cylinder or just do the kits? please help, i need advice.

  10. Pathfinder Tsuyoi

    Nice Video Thumbs-up

  11. thumps up

  12. you're supposed to take the C-clip of of the e-brake. I would never take the whole e-brake clamp or whatever off of the backing plate

  13. I have those black force-multiplying plyers, too :)

  14. Why are drums still so widely used on vehicles to this day!? I thought they arent as safe as disc brakes.

  15. I'v got an old fordTransit rear drive, with rear drum's, does this change anything? i might have to take the drive shaft out? cheers

  16. I really appreciate that you use regular tools and do it manually instead of electric tools so almost anyone can do it, nice!

  17. I have 1996 ranger 2.3L L4 extended cab and purchasing parts for this job. Looking on rock auto, there are 9 inch and 10 inch drums? How do I know which size to purchase? Where exactly is the measurement taken from?

  18. 26:40 he missed the wheel cylinder piston is behind the shoe lol

  19. Just curious, but shouldn't that wheel cylinder be changed out as well? It's looks rusty enough to cause trouble down the road. Not sure…

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