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DIY Block Sanding Body Filler – (Bondo, Putty) DIY Auto Body & Paint Video Training



  1. where the next part to this clip

  2. muita frescura,se der pra este cara fazer um carro vai levar um 10 anos pra terminar

  3. OMG! If I was giving the class I would had ask the guy on the phone and wearing his ear phones to leave and not to bother to come back.He shows no interest and no respect for the guy who is trying to teach them something. Anyway thanks for the video it was good.

  4. East24stProductions

    my dog ate some bondo dust powder I had left over and the vet said the x-rays indicated him growing a quarter panel in his stomach

  5. what is the maximum and minimum thickness of filler allowed?

  6. I like the guy in the back who is texting on his phone the whole time.

  7. 3m platinum plus body filler is what I use 

  8. Wouldn't recommend the gloves he is wearing right? Can't really get the true feel of the work area.

  9. Your admirer or girl friend must have been making the video because the camera is more focused on you (the Instructor) than on what you are doing!!!!!!!

  10. Whole repair should have been back sanded with DA first before any filler /Glaze is applied !! And finishing out with 150g rough man !!! nothing less than 320g primer has nothing to sink/shrink into then 

  11. Rishi Kishundial

    Thanks for your reply.

  12. DIY Auto Body and Paint

    I usually fill the entire repair area expanding outside of the damaged area. Thanks for watching.

  13. Rishi Kishundial

    when filling large area,like a fender,Do i start, applying a tin film of body filler to all parts of panel,or concentrate on affected area alone.

  14. DIY Auto Body and Paint

    Sure, this video demonstrated blocking by hand, but an air file can be used. I still like to finish them out by hand blocking though!

  15. Can use Air Sander?

  16. Not sure if I mentioned this on your pages yet but I also thank you for posting these videos. I took 2 years of body repair and refinishing back in 1998-2000 when I was stationed in SoCal. I missed the cert by one class because we didn't have a frame jig. I've been in Iraq the past 4 years and my brain is getting further and further behind. Not looking to go into business, just want to restore my 60's musclecars. I need to see where you're classes are located and maybe refresh. Thx again!

  17. DIY Auto Body and Paint

    @ahawnt If you are working on a curved area, try using a round block. If you do not have one you do not have one, you can make one out of a piece of radiator hose or wood. This will help the block fit the contour better. I hope this help. Thanks for watching.

  18. @ButlerCollision Thanks, I ended up working the repair area much larger than I started with 2 weeks ago (it just keeps getting bigger). I've finally primed and blocked off the guide coat I shot but there's a wave on the wheel arch. I know I need to go back and apply more filler — any tips on working a curved area so I don't cause flat spots. Thanks for the tip on back masking btw! I'm going to sand the surrounding clear with 1500 and back mask edges before shooting basecoat

  19. corvetteracer916

    Hey! I had a question. I am looking into purchasing this project car and on the ad he said he took it bare metal and sprayed it with black primer. If this was spray paint, am I in trouble with rust and further paint issues? Can this be fixed to be painted by a pro?! Thanks!

  20. DIY Auto Body and Paint

    @ahawnt I am not sure if I understand you, but are you asking if you should prime your filled area, yes you should. You can try to keep your primer area small by back masking to prevent a hard edge of primer build up. Does this help?

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