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Change “Rear” Disc Brake Pads “How To”



  1. I'm pretty sure that's not how you retract rear calipers, it works in the front but the reason the rear caliper is scored is because it's supposed to rotate, not just go straight inward. I don't even work on cars and I know this, maybe you should learn more before making how to videos


  3. nice work!

  4. I wouldn't let him work on my car because he has destroyed the calliper and piston he should have clamped of the break hose, opened the bleed valve and screwed the piston clock wise back in carefully as it turns back on a screw thread as per Sloan Pilgrim.

  5. patrickvolvos40


  6. well, this just proves that there is no cure for stupidity

  7. those cross notches in the piston need to be turned clockwise, not compressed. also the cross notches are designed to fit into the the pins on the rear of your break pads. not to sound mean, but i can go on with several more things wrong. you should know what you are doing before posting a video so that people do not try your way and damage their car!

  8. Louisa van Rooyen

    The cylinder is stuck on the caliper. How can i get it off?

  9. Larry Ciarrocchi

    What a twit, you need to screw the rear pistons back in.

  10. Dude where is your axle stand?

  11. Mitchell Peacock

    Good video :)

  12. WTF,   these pistons wind back to the home position, they do not compress back. Please use the correct tool to wind the piston back.  what a tit.

  13. Dirtyharry70585

    harbor freight sells the piston rotate tool, brake line suction tool and get some wire brushes too

  14. What is the point to spread oil where the pads touch the disc?

  15. Hi,
    Great video but I have a question: shouldn't you be screwing in the piston in the calliper rather than compressing it?

  16. Mi Dio!! NON si fa ritornare indietro la pinza con il morsetto!! In quel modo si rovina il meccanismo del freno a mano! Si deve usare un utensile speciale. Mai forzare il pistone in quel modo. Solo per le pinza anteriori si può usare quel metodo, per le pinza posteriori si usa l'attrezzo specifico. 

  17. well done excellent job

  18. Thank god your not working on my car!!!!!

  19. Tres bien.
    Mais ouvrir le bocal du liquide de frein avant de repousser le piston.
    la croix sur le piston doit etre allignee avec les points sur les plaquettes.

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