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Air Suspension – Can You Really Have it All?



  1. Too low I think

  2. Morningstar!

  3. would you be able to do small drifts or hole shots with those bags?

  4. He didn't say the world's most bumpy road, he said the world most bumpy canyon road

  5. francis hakakha

    Try driving in Somalia

  6. This is awesome! Also, these roads looked like the good roads in Australia… You Americans have it too good over their with your cars :P

  7. when did audis go the supercharge route? 2013 and its a supercharged s4?
    they use to go turbo

  8. In the mountain bike world, air-springs are some of the best performance and also the lightest. Coils are heavy and pogo-stick bouncy.

    However, the way it's done is not with a flexible rubber "bag", but a proper rigid tube-in-a-tube plunger system. Would expect that'd be the right way to do it for a car.


    how much ?

  10. cut all that crap, how much did Accuair pay you to do this shit ?

  11. Rough roads…this dude has not been on balkan roads lol

  12. How reliable is the Audi S4? Thinking of buying a used 2010-2014. I saw couple of them around $30-35k around 15-40k miles

  13. Johnny Knoxville

    No mk5 R32 kit no care

  14. Pointless accessory

  15. how much would this cost?

  16. what part of that road is bumpy?

  17. Yo is it worth getting airbags? Or should I just get coilovers? Have a 2010 tsx

  18. Air bags? or Air cylinders?

  19. it is cool but it takes space away from the trunk and adds weight

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