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  1. i see one air bubble :)

  2. Norman “ndhudecz” Hudecz

    ..60 dollars to much

  3. My brake warning light came on for a few seconds and went out earlier today and hasn't come on since. Can dirty brake fluid cause that to occur?

  4. Put the cap back on when your finished. How ridiculous to cap it 10 times.

  5. Completely unnecessary to replace the reservoir cap every time after topping up the reservoir. As long as fluid is in there, no air can enter the system. Just don't let the reservoir run dry.

  6. I was doing brake work on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I've brake bleeding and change fluid but brake is not firm after I've bleeded. I've spoke to the mechanic; he said I have to turn the key to on position but is that true?

  7. They only showed 2 sides being bled. All four sides need to be done, yes or no?

  8. Is it ok the replace dot3 with dot4???

  9. every time you change your brake pads? what a waste of money. go buy a brake fluid tester and only change it when it tells you to

  10. Great.
    I used to open the bleeding value and let one guy pump the brake while keep the reservoir full.

  11. Good Video. Would gravity brake bleeding be another consideration. ? The only con is time. The only tools required  are a wrench and a  clear bottle with tubing.  Open the bleeder screws in the proper sequence an let the main veins drain until the old brake fluid is replenished. Keep topping off the master cylinder with brake fluid.. You may also want to tap the caliper with a wrench to get out stubborn air bubbles  while its draining. The other benefit, its a one man job. 

  12. shivraj mahadevan

    from where will i buy those suction pumps

  13. "I''m going to put the cap on quickly to keep the air out." Give me a break.

  14. Great video! I just had a couple questions. When you're taking the air out is your partner supposed to pump the brake pedal as you're pumping the vacuum pump? And are you supposed to bleed all the wheels? Thank you 

  15. Tighten the bleeder screw?????There was still air coming out.I know this was for information only but replacing and bleeding the fluid is two different things.

  16. Finally a non – biased video

  17. First:  Never use a plain open end wrench on a bleeder screw – use a 6 point box wrench or a flare wrench if you have one.  Next – the bubbles you see when using the vacuum tool are usually the air that enters the bleeder screw through the threads while sucking the fluid out.  You can tell because these are nearly always very fine bubbles unless you have the bleeder screw too far out or you really do have air in the system.  Looks to me like the first instance the bleeder screw was leaking past the threads – very normal.  Otherwise great video keep up the good work!

  18. hi, thanks for share this information…
    One question, if your car has ABS brake, you can use this procedure? or you must take some precautions?

  19. Advance auto part never answer questions.wow

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