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Repairing a 2 Inch hole in a Truck Box Part 2 (flux core welding sheet metal)



  1. Mabron Stevenson

    Nice job I wish I could fix my truck that easy it has large holes running down the bottom of the cab and to give you a idea there about 7" tall and 30" long on both sides of the cab and rust around wheel wells but I don't care its my haling truck for wood or junk, however lately it has become my daily driver since the wife and I cant find jobs.

  2. You worked the body filler too long after it started setting. That's why it went all rough and crumby on you. Thanks for posting the vid!

  3. Jonathan Langford

    Here's a big tip:
    The circular insert should be slightly SMALLER than the diameter of the hole. When used with the backing strip, this will ensure complete penetration and strength after its ground flat.

  4. It was to cold and too slow

  5. U can't weld

  6. Bruce any advice for me as far as welding technique?…Very Nice job it looks like there never was a hole there.The welder you used didnt use any gas or did you use flux core wire with gas? I took welding in high school but havent welded much but i have a small similiar job to do on my vehicle and all i have is a flux core mig welder no gas and im afraid of burn through,im not welding in a patch panel but welding up a circular crack to stop it from progressively getting worse,i figured i'd do the same & do small tack welds every few inches around so not to burn through or warp the panel.

  7. What kind of bed liner is that? 

  8. Wire speed way too low. 

  9. super job bruce…

  10. Andrew “El Capitan” Beaver

    You could try using magnets to hold the patch metal flush to the original sheet metal.

  11. Great job!

  12. not enough wire speed

  13. What type of wire did you use?

  14. Gardening in Norway

    You wake me up with your noisy grinder, and then give me a welder's flash? Lol…
    Nice job done there!

  15. Great job Bruce nice and tidy :)

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