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  1. I have a 95 Toyota 4runner 3.0 v6.. power steering pump keep going dry it needs to have fluid put in every 100 miles.About a month ago i replaced a hose that was busted. Consistently replace the power steering fluid every 100 miles. Realized I am suppose to put ATF instead of PSF in the power steering pump. Did I mess the pump/system up when I used incorrect fluids? I did a flush and have been running manufacturer spec fluid for a week, but no change still have to replace fluid every 100 miles. Tried multiple brands of PSF-leak stop, no luck.

  2. Tawanda Precious Singizi

    Hi I have a 2003 Toyota Avensis Estate (station wagon) 1AZ-FSE 2.0 litre engine with 152 000 km milage. I changed the front shocks in May last year as the front right shock was damaged. I replaced them with cheap no names as I was travelling. When I came back home the right one was damaged again( after about 2 000km) I took it to the guys who specializes in suspensions and they confirmed the right shocked was damaged again and replaced them with the Monroes shocks and now after about 6 000 km of driving the right shock is damaged again.
    The shock’s piston rod shaft in both the shocks that were removed so far were bent. About an hour ago I look at damaged one and the shock’s piston rod shaft is bent. The left hand side shock’s piston rod shaft is straight. i am not getting any bouncing or steering shaking. I am only getting rattling noise when I go through bumps
    Please help before I buy a set of shocks again.

  3. I have a leak on the rack, is there a way to patch the leak ? I have just installed the rack a month ago and can't replace it

  4. Great video. I have a question. I have an E39 2002 model 530 diesel automatic car with the M57 engine (CA980-40). I changed engine, transmission and hydrauolic steering fluid *2 times and my steering is still very hard. The pump seems to be working because when I flushed it, I noticed it was sucking the new fluid in when I was turning the steering from left to right. Yet, I have a terrible steering – it is very heavy and sometimes I have to really use to hands. Could you give me ideas where to check? Or do you think the rank and the pinion is probably gone bad? Although I cannot see any leaks from it. The car is 15 years old at 63K.

  5. What is binding ?

  6. The steering wheel looks pretty loose

  7. How to install power steering pump for 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel truck

  8. That's right. With a 20+ year old car, basically everything will need to be replaced.

  9. yeah, let's throw two grand at it…that'll work…wow

  10. Tom Wakolbinger

    I think he jumped too fast to the conclusion that the binding was in the rack.  Twice, I have had steering shafts go bad.  They have U-joints in them and when they go bad, the wheel binds as you turn it.  You need to check that before possibly pulling a perfectly good rack.  They are generally not hard to remove and once off, it is easy to tell if a joint is bad.  My bad ones were on a 2003 Town Car and a 1995 Dakota.

  11. This is a very good tutorial of how the steering linkages work together. Thank you!!

  12. I miss working on cars, I was really big into it and worked at Honda and went to Honda School in Weston,FL. now I'm completely burned out on cars and only like working on them if it's for myself because I don't have bs deadlines, I don't have warranty times being cut back because they like to penalize techs for experience when they find a faster way of doing things and "still being the right way to fix it" I don't shortcut but they always cut labor times when they find out we do it faster.

  13. bs how much for all that $2300. sure take are money autothiftzone…

  14. If wobbling is IN THE DIERCTION of the vehicle (IN LINE) it means the wheels are out of balance. If the wobbling is ACROSS the vehicle, it's coming from the engine flywheel, or another heavy mass INSIDE the engine compartment (clutch components, etc). This is a general rule.

  15. Carlos Rodriguez

    Hey I got a question, I have an 01 alero 3.4 when I drive at higher speeds like 40+ the steering wheel wobbles for 3 seconds then stops for 10 seconds then it woobles again, what could it be?

  16. great video, careful instructions with 'safety first' warnings. Thanks 🙂

  17. Nice video

  18. anthony diodati

    yes, and don't use the type fork he used in the video if you are reusing the outer tie rod ends. The fork will damage the grease seals.
    Just give the knuckle a good rap with a BFH and it will fall out.

  19. before remove the outer tie rods, make sure you mark of how many rounds you remove for proper alignment

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