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How to Fix Minor Rust Spots On A Car



  1. I wouldn't trust anybody who primes there body with a shushu can

  2. 4:40 is about where he starts showing how to do it.

  3. where in ny are you located? CNY?

  4. Awesome vid thanks! Very thorough. I am looking into fixing my own rust (Under the door) and this has come in really handy. I appreciate you going through the tools and materials you use, really handy

  5. how does a piece of sand destroy an engine? So essentially all vehicles should not be driven at all, anywhere, because…. sand.

  6. how do you quote something without looking at the car?

  7. lets hope we're not gonna end up in the shop like this . . .

  8. I just fell asleep watching this 😂😂😂

  9. I agree video quality is poor but this guy has been more helpful to me than other videos on this subject

  10. Just shooting in the dark here, but how much would this work cost the average person for similar touchups?

  11. Were gonna do a Maaco job!

  12. You are an expert at these jobs. It cannot be easy making decision on price. I really do admire your work.

  13. first off, not a truck. it's a SUV.

  14. I've been watching your vids. Like your style. I have a question. Do you ever get paid enough to do a primo, first rate job? It seems like in all your vids you have to repair quick and dirty because you work so cheap.

  15. Derrick Anderson

    i wish he would talk less and do a better job recording, all hes been doing is running his mouth for 25 minutes, this is not a damn talk show

  16. Oops damn auto correct it was desert painter I believe 

  17. Hey to "deserted perimeter" guy who commented about rust …. I have a suggestion. Shawn used etch primer, u can also use " rust converter" it's a spray able product whereu want traces of rust left and it turns it to a black paintable primer!!!

    Curious what Shawn thinks too ? … Once u spray it on 2-3 coats it becomes sealed and non porous!!!

    Shawn did a demo where he sand blasted and u can also "wire wheel"'after grinding area with a disc to get inside holes and get the edges etc better to maybe get an extra year or 2 til it shows up again…. Shawn always states " guys the shits gonna come back" so my opinion is use a product that will stop it and seal it best as possible. Besides if a 2000. Dollar car gets fixed and serves someone say even 2-3 good years and has decent tires and brakes and !! Fingers crossed no alternator starter radiator exhaust yards yada fucken yada , then cost per year to own the vehicle was 1000. Bucks max!!! Divided by 12 is 80. Bucks and change!!!! Bargain!!!

    So why then should anyone judge and say " your doing it wrong and negative shit!!! " …. It's keeping a vehicle from going to the junk heap in the sky and that's sensible !!!!!

    RUST converter … Lordco ( I'm Canadian eh, or Napa or many places …. Try it guys! Shawn what u think bra?! 

  18. YOUR friend paul from Canada …… I'm with pool fix guy!!! Too many people " judge" !!!! By the book, pencil neck mother f…….rs , u get the point!!!!

    In the "real" world people need quick, reasonable fixes and these are not classic cars and its fucken winter land salted roads etc.

    Shawn I am a 49 yr old who watches and I see your skill and knowledge! U don't claim to be god, so "don't" listen to snobby ass, bastards!!!! U motivate do it your selfers!!

    One last thought to all deuce (sh) spelling ?? … BAGS , Shawn explains what he knows and does, and it's relevant to many do it yourselfers, and rest people can spend more time on their personal cars….. these aren't Mercedes and audis etc.

    Shawn if I visit newyork, I'd take u out to your favourite coffee shop there! Have the snobs seen all your vids, doubt it, your the real deal as a "person" and that's everything in life !!! 

  19. Piece of shit sand blaster really

  20. Just fucking do it

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