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2007 Subaru Outback Suspension Noise Repair -EricTheCarGuy



  1. Have you ever seen a strut fail to the point where it was bent almost 90 degrees?

  2. i love your videos and such. ive always watched them.

    i dont understand why you didnt replace the other (Clearly worn) bushing?
    i feel "less malleable" was a terrible judgement on quality. The rubber always starts off hard, as it wears down and absorbs itll get "Malleable" like you saw on the OEM strut.

    Food for thought.

  3. Who needs bolt torque specs when you got an impact wrench XD

  4. Awesome vid, Just picked up a 2000 Legacy GT Limited with the same exact sound in the rear. Off to fix it first thing tommorow morning :)

  5. +EricTheCarGuy I installed a set of coilovers on my vehicle a while back along with a new set of top mounts. I'm getting very loud clunks over bumps now. I was originally told to check the nuts at the to to make sure they were tight, and they are. I can't see any damage to any of the components.

    Do you have any idea what might cause that?

  6. Maxwell Shepherdson

    Hey Eric, Awesome vids mate..
    I have a 2002 subaru outback 200km that has a rotational noise on drivers side front wheel area. It comes on randomly and more so once its warmed up, but then i drive walking pace and it comes on.. Wheel bearing?
    Also i have another squeaking noise from my front passenger side wheel area. its activated randomly over small bumps in the road.. Could this be some kind of worn out bushing? have searched youtube and found no vids relating to this. Your advice would be much appreciated:)

  7. I have the same exact car. rear left strut mount at 76k miles. also need right front cv axle, bearings are worn.

  8. Hi Eric I have a 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5 non turbo automatic sedan and I little issue . Upon turning  wheels to right or left I hear a loud clicking or clunking noise coming from rear even just geting out of my drive way .It kind of feels like it's slipping or stuttering. If make a noise like if the tires are rubbing on metal but it not the tires. I heard it could be the center diff ? When I drive highway speed there is no noise. Do you have a idea ? By the way The axles boots are not broken!

  9. I like this guy, he's real and doesn't pretend to know everything.  He also doesn't delete his oversights.

  10. Hi Eric. I have a 2005 Legacy which is making the exact same noise at the moment. Could you share with us the part number of the suspension  parts you replaced in this video? Thank you so much!

  11. whats the worst that could happen if you just ignore that "noise" and live with it.

  12. Upset????,  no shit!   the whole reason I searched this was to find out how to access the rear strut mounts.   Thanks for the vid anyway,  still has some useful info.

  13. These videos are brilliant

  14. Hey Eric, any chance you'd be able to show how to pull the front strut from a 2005-2009 Outback?

  15. you're the best Eric, thank you very much

  16. Why can't Eric get a friend with a Citroen?

  17. Eric.
    What is your opinión about the use of White lithium grease to apply on bushing on sway bar to eliminate noises.

  18. how difficult/where did you find or how did you take out the back interior to be able to get to the rear suspensions

  19. If you hear a metallic tapping sound that doesn't happen over every bump in the rear what do you think it is? I've been trying to diagnose it for a while now to no avail. Checked the stabilizer bar, looked at the suspension bushings, checked the interior trim. Any advice?

  20. An easier way to put it back on – is when you have the spring compressed, use a few long heavy-duty zip ties to keep it compressed. Then once you have the bottom bolt in, just cut the zip ties and remove.

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