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K&N air filter cleaning and re-oiling/ recharging



  1. I threw my way because it said don't

  2. Great video, well explained and clear and concise.

    Quick question, on K&N website it says to clean it only if you can't see the metal mesh which on your video you clearly can see the metal mesh. I personally would still clean if I see enough dirt.

    Also, you show that you should only oil the dirty side yet on the K&N website they say "Allow the oil to wick for approximately 20 minutes then touch up any light areas on "either" side of filter until there is a uniform red color at all areas. "

    But I see it know you did your video 3 years ago and the K&N website is more up to date but which is correct?

    Very good thorough video. I just was mostly unsure about to oil on both sides or just the one dirty side….

  3. clear and concise!  kudos bro!

  4. Really good video! Great explanation, Thanx!!

  5. There is more demage (dirt) to the air mass flow sensor !! I use only Mann or Hengst air filters, it is a lot better for the engine.  I change it on every 10 t miles

  6. according to author of the video this filter is sooo goooood that it can replace your wife or dog

  7. 50,000 mile=to 80,000km i use my motorcycle for the last 8 year and it only 67000km it is less than 80000km. he say you wash every 500000 mile, mean i need to wash every 8 or 9 year

  8. Id prefer dry filters ive had these oiled filters clog my maf sensor 

  9. Thanks for the great vid, very exact on instructions and well explained

  10. first thing i would do is remove the sound resonator baffle.  tons of air will come in.

  11. Chris McQuaigue

    For most people I am not sure it is worth all the hassle and time and money for a K&N type filter. Paper elements are very cheap and can be cleaned at least once or twice with a vacuum cleaner if needed. Many filters are replaced when they are working fine. If you drive a lot of miles and in dirty conditions then it might pay off. Do not imagine that it will give you any noticable performance gains. It might sound a little bit different perhaps but its a real small difference. I can change to a brand new paper filter in a minute whilst over an hour later you'll still be spraying oil all over your K&N plus the recharge kits cost a lot too!. Just my opinion please do not be offended! :-)

  12. hi man how long does it take to air dry,i live in the uk and the weather is cloudy most part,can you dry it in the direct sunlight?or is my car gonna be off the road for a day or 2 while i wait for it to dry thanks.

  13. Nice work on the how-to +AnthonyJ350 I just cleaned the K&N in my car today using the same procedure.  I wrote a how-to for those that prefer a text over videos:  http://howtune.com/articles/153-how-to-clean-and-re-oil-a-k-n-air-filter-on-a-any-car

  14. I am planning to clean my k@n filter this summer put it in last year first time cleaning it so thanks for the great how to video.

  15. That was the wrong side great tutorial but you put the oil on the wrong side completely and use way to much but thank you for the enjoyment

  16. It depends on where you live. If you live in an area where there is a dust bowel than I can see that. But a normal area where there is little or no dust, then the recommend miles.

  17. I had K & N air filters on two vehicles, 2004 Ford Ranger and a 2010 Kia Rio and never had problems with both vehicles on the cleaning process. Now I just bought one for my 2013 Ford F 150. I do same thing as on the video on cleaning them. Never had problems with sensors or other things on the vehicles. The vehicles do run better with the filters.

  18. My K&N in my Kia soul has 59,xxx miles on it. Has never been recharged. Only air blown over the years. I think its time for a recharge.

  19. I'm thinking "Douchey TrollBag"….. Good video…

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