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Front Brake Pads & Rotor Replacement Chrysler PT Cruiser



  1. Darren Sean Case

    You guys are EXCEPTIONAL for showing what the Haynes manual doesn't .

  2. Jacqueline Hydock

    how long does it take to change out the brakes and pads on a 2002? a rough estimated time?

  3. Lots of help, always watch the video first!!!

  4. Informative video , sorry to say but that music kind of sucked. Thanks

  5. what size of the bolt?

  6. Helped a lot

  7. Sizes of the bolts? 14 and 17 im guessing?

  8. LiquidFusionStudio1

    No need to bleed the brakes?

  9. I am deaf and i don't know if there's voice on video. Could u add caption to the video? Yes, the video is clearly displayed :)

  10. Thank you!! It was exactly like the video – and so easy! Thank you so much!!

  11. Thank you for this video! The pacing and detail are perfect. Much appreciated!

  12. What are the ideal torque ranges (in foot-pounds) for the mounting bracket bolts, the caliper bolts, and the wheel lug nuts?

  13. Thanks great video!

  14. nice sox!

  15. Are the bolts holding the caliper in place reverse or opposite threaded? With something torque so tight and difficult to remove in the first place this information would be really helpful for a beginner 

  16. You didn't show how  to put the  pads on.

  17. after changing my wife pt brakes like this there is a bad vibration and a rubbing sound. what would cause this to make vibration and sound of rubbing? thanks for the video it was so helpful.

  18. wow,great detail thanx

  19. PalmTreesAndDrumming

    This is Great info on the PT Cruiser Thanks,,

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