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1995 Subaru Legacy – Quick and dirty repair of rust hole



  1. I love driving beaters….I drive one to work…..all my fellow workers drive nicer vehicles than me……I am the owner……..They don't ask me for raises…..;)

  2. Nice! This is exactly what I've been looking for. I don't give a damn how it looks, I just don't want that rust to spread. Thanks!

  3. this is great for someone who doesn't have a welder or a riveter or a way to cut sheet metal and can't afford professional repair and is not looking for aesthetics.  Right up my alley!  Thanks!  And I'll be careful to keep a big cloth under my can of "miracle paint"  :)

  4. TheGhostmechanic

    Take it America doesn't have mot's then! Ha ha what a bodge job!

  5. good to see the poor mans job not big fancy equipment only rich people have

  6. wish you would have shown applying fiberglass, sanding & painting … or at least a link to part-2 of this repair.

  7. Fast forward to now, nearly 3 years later….I wonder how well the "repair" held up.

  8. great
     video I have the same car with he same problem and am going to order the  Miracle  paint 

  9. Couldn't you have just done one layer of tape on the outside and put the rest of the tape on the inside of the car for structure, that way the tape didn't have such a raised profile on the outside of the car?


    " and i just put a scratch in the paint" LOL

  11. what is miracle paint bud

  12. you should have just left the rust alone if the motor was on its way lol

  13. Why would you find a flashlight and 9 cents only in America?

  14. Salt the bane of car lovers they need to come up with a better method to melt snow new cars are better but still it kills cars 

  15. Could I apply Bondo over the aluminum tape to reinforce the fixed area?

  16. PleasantLakePirate

    man rivet some tin over that and cover it in fiberglass bondo, paint both sides and it will outlast the car.. btw, what the hell is miracle paint??

  17. Dude, I think I'm gonna use this technique on my Jeep as I have big hole by my exhaust pipe that is letting fumes into the cabin! It's just a beater so I don't really care what it looks like. I think I should be able to tape the all around the bottom of the panel to seal it. I like it!! Is it pretty, no. Professional, hell no! But hey, if you got a beater and don't really care to spend much $$ on it then this should do the trick! Thank you, sir! 

  18. MercedesDieselGuy

    I found plenty of beehives in my current Mercedes parts car. I feel your pain (and I hope it's just a metaphor in this case…).

  19. Willie Finucane

    Dude I have the same whole on a 97 legacy I just got… I didn't find a flashlight under that inside trim….. I found a bee hive

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