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Quiet a Power Steering Pump, How To



  1. chris i need help like asap….. what do i do….. when stopped or parked my truck has no power steering….. when driving slow i get a little back…… and when im driving i get my power steering back…. i need help…. thanks in advance

  2. Waste of money. Entire flush and adding a cardone filter will help a ton.

  3. Sounded exactly the same

  4. Looking through all of your "How-To" videos, but unable to find any video on how to change out Power Steering Pump. Maybe soon??

    Thanks for great videos, Derek Wilkins

  5. that doesn't work, the noise was reduced because you went for a ride and the car and oil warmed up. when power steering have a whining problem cold it gonna make noise when warm noise gone.

  6. ''Hey guy's Chris Fix here back with another video''.
    Very good job

  7. Okay so my power steering fluid had 200k miles on it and was wining just like yours/worse and I got all the fluid out but even with new fluid it still whines pretty bad. What should I do ?

  8. hey chris can I use that's product I have a nissan 350z 2004 . .

  9. NoOneImportant556

    You should do a how to fix a power steering pump. I have a small leak from the back of mine. About a drip per night. I feel like its an easy fix. But all anyone ever has to say it buy a new one. But if its a simple seal.. That's $80 – $250 replacement vs a possible $5 seal replacement.

  10. ChrisFix I changed my steering pump a couple months ago on my 05' Grand Prix but the new pump still makes noise when I accelerate, any suggestions?

  11. Chris I was wondering (and hoping) you'd know what is going on. But my car when I steer past "middle" it makes a woop kinda noise, by only when I steer past dead center. When I come all the way around and past it again it doesn't do it. Any ideas?

  12. Only place I have ever seen as to how to quiet a Ford PS pump. Thanks a million!

  13. gowno to dalo…

  14. Not going to lie man my power steering was making some god awful sounds on my f150 way worse than yours I talked to a old timer and he told me to take over half the Power steering fluid out and put gear oil 85-105 in it and I was like man that's going to kill my pump but I was going to replace it away so why not give it a try well that was over 4 years ago and it's still working I was and still am in shock of how that worked but it did and does give it a try and see what you think and mine does not even make a sound now let me know if you try it

  15. I guess that noise only appears when you still force the steering wheel when it´s already in the end position at right or left. Then your pump delivers the maximum pressure and requires the maximum power from the engine. If you hear that while driving/parking you shouldn´t force it to the stop position but back up the steering wheel just a small amount.
    Besides that, in this case it´s maybe an indicator if the supplement does it´s job.

  16. It's the rack that's making the noise, squealing before and after the gimmick product. Never put any fluid in the PS system except for flushing cleanser or manufacturer spec PS fluid.

    You have a Ford/Mazda which means major problems. When the PS fluid darkens it means the fluid has burnt beyond usefulness and led to metal debris from the rack mixed into the fluid. So it needs a complete flush and fluid replacement. This is a semi-aggravating DIY job because requires access to the pump return line and pump nipple to temporarily cap. Many vehicles require removing the fan and other components to be able to reach the pump by hand.

    What I recommend: turkey baster the PS reservoir, suction out as much old fluid as possible to the bottom. Pour in the same volume of PS flush to replace the old (half pint), reattach reservoir cap. Start the engine, turn the wheel to the stops back and forth, maybe ten-times. The following becomes confusing and possibly messy.

    You have to disconnect the PS pump return line and cap the nipple (or, if unable, place a pan below the car to catch the fluid). Connect the RL to a length of 3/8 hose with a connecting coupler to a drain pan. Start the engine, the PS pump will force out all the contaminated PS fluid into the pan. Probably won't even need to turn the wheel. Stop the engine. This time you have to flush the flusher with more flusher, at least a pint of. Start the engine and pour a pint of flusher down the reservoir. The pump will flush it right out into the pan. Stop the engine. Now you have to flush the flusher out with a pint of PS fluid. Just add a pinto down the reservoir, into the pan. Stop engine, remove nipple cap, reattach RL, fill PS fluid (proper manufactuer spec and nothing else) to proper volume. Start engine, turn wheel to the stops five times. If squeals, add more PS fluid in small increments. Turn wheel again, add fluid, however more necessary, until squealing noticeably abates. Drive car around the block.

    The flush cleans out debris from the rack and HP/RL lines. The pump is just a belt-driven wheel pump. Nothing much to it, unless the bearing fails. When the rack squeals, it means the PS fluid is longer integral enough to drive the pinion or there are bits of metal impeding movement.

  17. sound same before and after sorry.

  18. thank you

  19. hi bro, when the power steering pump starts to get noise, should we replace it with the new one? or it can be repair? thank you.

  20. Ankit Madeshiya

    Is it true that power steering stop leak products can damage the entire power steering system? Read one post where one guy's power steering system got destroyed by using Lucas? Thanks for your videos. Really helpful.

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