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Do It Yourself Car Interior Upgrade using Fabric Spray Paint from Simply Spray



  1. I don't know why everyone is knocking this.  It's basically spray on dye, and it works.  I did this in my friends car who had some seriously ugly green seats (70's car) and it turned out great.  It's been six months and it still looks good.  I'd recommend it, especially if you're wanting to recolor your cloth inlets on doors, dash, etc.

  2. Shannon Shannon


  3. TheWendolGuild

    looks like crap

  4. Josseph Woolfork

    Duplicolor fabric paint huh?
    Ok, thanks for that.

  5. i was wondering will it work on just the floor. i kinda had my heart set on this stuff :L

  6. why does that look like mole growing???

  7. this seems really koo but by the comments i think i will pass.

  8. efren contreras

    @LestatThirteen cool thanx

  9. LestatThirteen

    @ewawi04 After trying this stuff, the Duplicolor fabric paint at the local Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts is a bit better…. but for the time and money, just go ahead and get different seats or have them recovered…. or get over the color in your car.

  10. efren contreras

    @LestatThirteen what other place do you recommend (if you know any) getting fabric spray frm?? thanks

  11. Jay Oh Dee Why

    @That1jazzguy Now that's some freakin' funny sh!t! lmao

  12. Don't take the seats out or anything. THAT'D be too much fukin work.

  13. Its better to re-cover your seats. Check out my video DIY: automotive interior. i know its a door panel, but there will be more how-to videos coming soon.

  14. Anyone who actually even considers doing this need to make an appointment with my foot in their ass!

  15. LestatThirteen

    1 – 3 of my cans did not spray. The ones that would seemed to run out VERY quickly.
    2 – I did the same thing as in your video. I went tan to black.
    After my trouble, the company would not give me a refund. If I were to do it again (which I won't), I'd try the duplicolor stuff, at least it's cheap and available locally

  16. VeritasIncrebresco


    Usually when dying fabric, you're only suppose to dye it the same or very similar color. That may be why it didn't work well for you.

  17. @jmotuck amazon 🙂

  18. OMG!!! seriously??? dont even try it… IF IT SPRAYS ON, IT WILL RUB OFF.. TRUST ME…

  19. Sn00kyCr00ksWorld

    @LestatThirteen really? it looks so kool tho! im REALLY considering trying it

  20. NO GO!! I bought this for my last car. Not only did 3 of my 6 cans NOT spray when I got them, the seats were crunchy and from time to time did come off on people's clothes. Yes, I bought simply spray directly from them and not some knock off or from a wholesaler. I was really disappointed.

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