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Dash Repair Painting DIY Interior Upgrades Tips How To Tutorial Easy Fix & Repairs Video



  1. hahahahahahahahha " I could've prepped it better '
    Ya think? hahahahahahahhahaha thanks for showing me I'm not the only hopeless cunt doing shit like this.

  2. Driveway_Autobody

    turned out nice

  3. would it work the same if instead of paper you put plastic bag to cover everything up? i dont really trust paper .-.

  4. LOL dude, Helmans is ketsup :P

  5. Just a word of advice. It look better if you take all panels off and prep with a degreaser n then adhesuon promoter. Lasts longer . 

  6. moorack car spray miracle is also awesome. You may try it & search google for more info!

  7. Get some shelves, boxes and a way of sorting all that stuff lying on the floor!

  8. Miroslav Vesic

    sranje,tipicno americko sranje kao i sve drugo

  9. wow is that what dealers do? value added I guess, jk

  10. Love how it looks !

  11. Love the name of your channel.

  12. You Suck Man!!!

  13. Cereal Marshmallows

    no problem after i sent i thought bout SEM Interior paint but it really has to be messed up because factory always looks best and the paint will get scrratched off if under the same use..;-(

  14. Thank you for your reply. Btw great video

  15. Cereal Marshmallows

    Not much you can do but make the kids stop or Make them pay to replace of there old enough lol i dont know any solution for that im sorry..;-(

  16. Please help I'm doing my interior and I want to protect it from scratching. My kids are someway careless getting into the car. What good clear should I use to prevent scratching? Also what other techniques should I try(ex sanding and basically buffing the plastic panels?) thank you in advance for the advice

  17. Cereal Marshmallows

    LOL Right some kind of Commission huh..;-)

  18. You should be a spokesman for Rust-o-leum : )

  19. Cereal Marshmallows

    Thanks Man I am Glad you enjoy…. & it makes me glad that you find them helpful..;-) LOL No Doubt this Dash pad is a HARD item to find and VERY Expensive to boot this looks great and is a few bucks..;-)

  20. Cereal Marshmallows

    LOL Its a Sweet car..;-)

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