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Auto Repair : Replacing Power-Steering Fluid



  1. Jonathan Henderson

    if I have air in the system already, how can I get it out without sending it to the mechanic shop. It wines until the oil gets warm then it stops. This happened when I had my cousin change the pressure regulator. **Serious comments only. In other words (street term for someone who don't know or don't understand proper English) I don't play no games I keep it 100. I quit school because they made me take recess. Ain't nobody got time fa all that shit!

  2. kennybopaloo Bop

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  3. Younis Mohamed

    you talk so much man

  4. Andrei Gourianov

    sorry, but where is the return thing, how to find it. there is 2 tubes coming out and which one should be disconnected?

  5. Vincent Stewart

    I wish I knew this last year. As I bought a new pump from Auto Zone . Found out it on a rack and very hard to take off. So took it to a garage to put on – They said sense off, change water pump to. I had a extra warranty that paid for all. They called and said ready. Then a few minutes later said the Auto ZONE pump no good I bought. So I had them put another new one on they got from their parts store Napa. Each time was close to 300 $s  ( OVER $700.00). And now the same noise again! As you read this you might to wonder if I got F—.! Auto Zone did pay for 100 dollars and refund pump. But I really wonder if my old first pump still on. Sure glad I seen this video. A bad expensive lesion!! The garage was a good one — but wonder cause I told them to put a new pump on — all they did was half ass clean pump tank?

  6. Excellent!  I didn't know you could get almost all of it without taking off the hoses and the syringe idea is great! Thanks!

  7. can a leaking pipe be fixed DIY

  8. wow are you saying everyone else is blind? but whats the problem? he is helping us noobs. what have you done?

  9. Anyone else notice how often this guy talks with his eyes closed?


  11. thanks!

  12. I have a 2003 chevy tracker lt. It has a screen in the overflow container which prevents me from getting the fluid out with a baster etc.. What do I do? Disconnect a hose?

  13. Use a pump from a shampoo bottle, works great.

  14. I'm hoping this is what I need to do. I was driving my car the other day and went up a very steep, narrow one lane road and had to do a tricky 3 point turn in a tight space. It was at this point my steering wheel began to lock up and this squeaky humming, vibrating noise started to emanate as i turned the wheel (with great difficulty). I decided it was best to drive home and leave it which i did successfully. I can't afford a mechanic so if anyone has any thoughts I would be grateful.

  15. your reservoir is the over flow.
    I don't know your car at all but should be the same as any american car.
    You would need to disconnect the line coming from the rack & pinion(firewall area) and replace with a clear hose going into bucket.
    important not to let the pump go low as air would get in and you would need to bleed the system after.
    I also would plug the hose you disconnect so dirt don't get in.
    easy job add some lucas additive works wonders.

  16. your solution sounds right. On my car there is a hose connected to the lid of the reservoir which I'm guessing is for overflow, it's just open ended.. and the other looks like it goes to the pump, where is the return line? (07 mercury mariner hybrid)

  17. This video is all wrong his advise can actually damage your pump.
    Disconnect return line place it in a bucket and have a friend add fluid to the reservoir while you turn the wheel continue until fluid flows clean.
    Seriously that would be like me removing my engine oil through the dipstick as much as i can and then toping the old oil up with a cup of new oil.
    I hope you are not a "A" class mechanic.

  18. Ibraahiym Kadessh

    excellent. every man, every car solution and how to explanation to get er done and get er done right.

  19. Isn't disconnecting the return hose, an easier and more effective way to drain the old fluid?

  20. U ummmmm closed your ummmmm eyes way too ummmmm much!

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