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2014 Mercedes F1 Powertrain – how it works



  1. Did anyone else notice the turbo animation was inaccurate. The turbine and compressor wheels were spinning in opposite of one another.

  2. I'd run a turbo off of the crank/belt, and use the turbo/alternator/generator in replace of an alternator running off of the crank/belt…
    It's not fuel efficient design at all. Direct port injector are not going to be as good a design ever, compared a carb setup on-top of the intake, allowing the fuel/air to atomize down the length of the intake, and into the engine!!

  3. Why you dont use superchargers rather then turbo  ? Turbochargers have turbo lags, so when you step on the gas now, it takes moment or two to spin up to the demaind you want. 

  4. Gustavo Montoya


  5. I like the current F1 with close racing, several overtakes and stuff…. but I see no point in having 250 million bucks cars racing like that. Saving fuel, tires, etc…
    They are trying to reproduce the GP2 on-track product in F1, but a GP2 car costs what? 400k?
    Its OK to have a GP2 on steroids with high tech, etc… but… 250 millions??? No! HECK NO. This is wrong and its going to kill F1. I dont even know how to get the costs that high.
    Maybe wind tunnels?… but… again… Close racing between 11 different cars on track? THe money spent on wind tunnels should work as the opposite of this. Weird…

  6. Mercedes Benz isn't fucking around are they lol.

  7. Efficiency in F1 cars… Much hypocrite.. Wow 

  8. It's a bigger kers dude. Kers is nothing compared to the new unit.

  9. Why did they move away from KERS?

  10. Mine eyes approve this.

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