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Using Lead in Body Work Instead of Plastic Filler



  1. TexasAmerican Patriot

    Lot's of kids here watching this, judging from the comments.  If you are a naysayer to this technique, you should know that lead becomes a shapeable, bendable part of the metal, unlike a poly filler, that locks you into the final shape.  Not only do you not your tools and metal,  you don't even suspect.  But then, you don't get paid to work on cars like this.

  2. Denis DeSapience

    For a very large surface, there is an apparatus to allow "spraying lead over a much larger area… It is quicker, but, all the filling of the imperfections must be accomplished in one layer.

  3. You know………… plastic doesn't seem like such a bad filler to me.

  4. OK class, let's open to chapter 1: "The effects of lead poisoning."

  5. Leading was a common practice in the factory back in the forties, fifties and sixties. utube has several videos showing this. but those guys were quick and very accurate. a lost art!

  6. michael jagger

    Would't brazing be alot safer?

  7. It always makes me laugh when I hear people of the old school who think lead is the proper way to fill body work. At the end of the day, it's a filler, you are using it because you aren't skilled enough to shape the metal so there is no need to be prancing around on your high horse.

  8. Richard Longmore

    Now be honest chaps 🙂 after that exelent bloke files the lead down there will be a little skim of bondo just to level it out perfect 🙂 great vid guys

  9. What a lot of shit I served my apprenticeship doing exactly what dickhead is doing. This is a cheap arse act

  10. lebomm johnson

    This is why so many of those old customs (like from George Barris} were called "lead sleds".

  11. i hope he is ok after holding lead like that….

  12. Why not use 100% lead?

  13. one of the problems using this technique is that todays primers are not made to bond with lead.But i used to love to say yea car has no bondo…

  14. I can see why most people are going with Bondo!

  15. Great video CM R&D!
    I'm just getting started with building my first hot rod. I like learning these old school techniques that you don't hear much about anymore.

  16. Thank you for this John, I was lucky my grandfather taught me the art of leading a body. it is a dying art and not to many people left in the world that can even work lead. Great flashback here and great memorys of my grandfather yelling at me for getting the metal to hot ha ha. Excellent video Keep it up buddy

  17. Thanks for posting this, John.

  18. This is very much like how I do it, I leaned myself just by trying but it was mostly a no brainer since I have been doing electronic soldering for most of my life often using a torch for large electrical connections.

    Also on a side note, I saw a 930 at the blasters recently and it had old pre existing lead work in the same areas in this video.

  19. Wow, I didn't think anyone used lead anymore. When it comes to doing what filler is supposed to do, lead is FAR better than Bondo, but it's more time-intensive and technique driven, which are two strikes in a world where time is money and asking someone to become better at their job is akin to a form of discrimination.

    As far as the environmental aspects of it, as long as you don't get it so hot the lead becomes a vapor it won't be a problem. I'd still wear a dust mask when filing or otherwise abrading it to avoid inhaling any dust that might get airborne.

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