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Removing Car Dents Without Having To Repaint



  1. How is that possible to fix dent by hitting your car with a hammer? That's crazy talk yo!

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick your a mechanic 😮

  3. Stephen Carrigg

    What if your vehicle is slab-sided, and the dents are longitudinal, or if the dent is on lower left-hand corner of your driver side door near the kick panel?

  4. Helping me out. Big Time!

  5. depending on the level you need the dent taken out to, sometimes a 35 dollar disount tool dolly and hammer set can take out these too. My cars are mostly beater cars and would be a good car for those wanting to practice dent removal to come over and learn the craft on:)

  6. wow that was something

  7. letsthinkitover1

    I can buy a good fender for $40 but don't know how to put it on of take old one off.

  8. Wesley Jackson

    haha, i heard you say "labor intensive"….do these guys charge by the hour or by the job?

  9. J. Hunto's Garage

    Thanks for sharing Scotty. Great topic!

  10. wow i wish i could drive those stock cars

  11. I like ur enthusiasm

  12. That guy looked like he gun knock you the fuck out lol

  13. so this is what Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing during the off season

  14. You talk to fucking much.😂

  15. George Clemenceau

    Impressive job. George C.

  16. So you're basically telling me that hail damage is like getting fucked in the ass

  17. On a flat panel, with small dents, you can heat it and spray it with air cleaner. The hot and cold will cause it to pop out

  18. Car and truck Central


  19. Car and truck Central


  20. Now we know what Ryan Fitzpatrick spends doing in the off-season

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