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How To Repair A Rust Out with Bondo® Filler



  1. Enduro North Nz

    why the hell is a good company like 3M tell you to such a shit job , what the fuck

  2. Tim The Aussie

    this is absolute shit for two obvious reasons!
    1, rust will appear soon after because it wasn't cut out.
    2, area wasnt treated with kill rust/rust converter/fish oil.

  3. Can i use this method for a bigger spot of rust/rot?

  4. This is bullshit. You need to remove 100% of the rust otherwise it will rust back in a year.

  5. I bought bondo gold but the hardener was stolen from it when I opened it, but I have hardener left from the original bondo body filler(not the gold) could I use the original Hardener with the gold filler achieving the same finished product? Aka are the bondo hardeners universal?


  6. Matthew Herlihy

    I literally just purchased everything I need from this video, minus the Bondo scrapers, for less than $55. Don't come to this video and complain that "I have to BUY ALL OF THIS?????" because yeah you do if you're trying to save money and repair your rusted out vehicle by yourself. Spend less than $100 on Bondo and rustoleum and save $400+ on repairs. Seriously.

  7. Clayton Kynion

    I hate bondo

  8. Yup because I'm totally going to buy ALL those products

  9. Kakala Tauleva Vuna

    It's a lot cheaper to buy the stuff as outlined by this video and do the work yourself. Mechanical garages usually charge more then $300 for this piece of work. The stuff showed here can be obtained with less then $110 dollars. Enjoy folks 

  10. can you buy this stuff at Home Depot or Automotive stores?

  11. Thanks! appreciate this channel!.. I've tried learning from my step father numerous times but he'd always say it is hard to explain..As I can see it seems that wasn't so true.

  12. That's a lot of things to buy. Did anyone try doing these steps to fix small patches of rust? Do you think a body shop would be all in all cheaper?

  13. Martin The First

    this looks too simple. gonna try it out.

  14. wouldn't you see the mesh patch through the paint/bondo after it's all done??

  15. i would love learm thank for video show awesome

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