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Simple Car Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repairs



  1. i have an 83 olds delta 88 and a 85 lesabre,i have put over 200,000 miles on the Buick only had to replace the thermostat aside from regular upkeep, i use the olds less it don't have overdrive and uses more gas.

  2. Jordon Higginbotham

    Cringe worthy

  3. Joseph Bentley

    I have a 2000 Mustang GT that I got last year and want to change fluid. it has 135000 miles and was wondering if it should have torque converter drain plug pulled or just the pan and filter? As far as I know its never been done. Thanks

  4. I recently bought a 98 Buick lesabre with 65k miles. Right away I noticed the radiator was filthy, and there wasn't even coolant in it, just water. I had it flushed and about 2 weeks later it seems like it's getting pretty bad again, how do I fix this?

  5. great videos.  you tell it like it is!  excellent

  6. I say no for the lifetime fill, here's why: no such thing as magical fluids! lol! One of the engineers at one of the Lexus school I went to in Chicago said, "Yeah, but consider what definition we gave to 'lifetime' and change your transmission fluid every 50k miles on your LS430 if you want the 400k-500k miles you can expect out of it."

  7. Love my weekly dose of Scotty,he pronounced Celica wrong we say Celica here in Oz.

  8. I've done all of these services on my car it has lasted me 5 years without needing any major repairs unless you count a coil pack as one, It runs mint smooth and no noises.

  9. Detroit Ruffin (Big D)

    man this dude love's his Toyota's

  10. Hey scott do yo have any tutorial video for "O Ring Seal Repair (Distributor)

  11. Scotty congrats on over half million subscribers.I was wondering what I should do about engine oil sludge? I bought a 2003 Bmw 525i it runs great , but when I changed the oil I noticed crusty oil all over the oil filter housing. When I did the spark plugs, they had crud on them too. What should I do?

  12. Wa'el Al-Omari

    Great and useful information.

    Thank you

  13. i wanna see this man make a porno for some reason

  14. Are you blind?

  15. Hey Scotty Kilmer how do you turn off the DRL on 1999 Camry? I just got LED headlights on it and I don't want them to burn out faster because my headlights are always on.

  16. Can u do a video like this but for Mercedes? Or any type of Mercedes tips please

  17. hey Scotty I have a 2008 toyota camry XLE Not a hybrid and I'm wondering why my car consume about a quarter oil every 1000 mile or so? I saw your live show someone asked the same question and you said to use a 10 40 I think not quite sure don't you think that's too thick? just asking especially in winter? thanks you

  18. TheYoungAtheist

    WARNING TO TOYOTA/Lexus OWNERS: SCOTTY/THE DIPSTICK WAS WRONG! I called Toyota today, because my Lexus was shifting badly… My dipstick has the same "No need to change atf sticker", They told me the dipstick is not correct and told me they recommend you change the transmission fluid at 100k or 30k with conventional fluid. The lifetime transmission fluid is only an advanced synthetic, it is NOT lifetime. You WILL blow you transmission if it is not eventually replaced. Replace the fluid and filter (yes, I said filter too! Contrary to popular belief, this transmission system is not completely sealed)! $50 bucks every year and 30 minutes of labor is better than wasting an expensive transmission!

  19. Very useful info Scotty! Thank You!

  20. Fernando Sauceda

    great video, thanks for taking time to explain this to every one, i have a question, i have a 2000 chevy blazer 4.3 with 145,xxx miles on it, what kind of oil should i use for that milage, im worried because last oil change i put a 20w-50, should i move to 10w-30 or 15w.-40, i hope you read this and take me out of my doubt

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