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Replacing A Leaking Power Steering Hose



  1. What about flushing out the old steering fluids out.

  2. Christian Riatiga

    how much u charge for a job like thia

  3. when my 02 wrx turns on from a cold start it makes a sqeaking noise , is that the powerr steeling belt?

  4. Is it okay if I just seal the leak with some AT-205 or silicone seal? And how much does a high pressure hose would cost?

  5. Best intro EVER!

  6. Didn't save me money XD on my 07 Taurus it had the switch on the high pressure line, so it was $84. (Like 2 times more expensive then the pump it's self!) this did help me understand how I should properly remove the line though! Thank you! Ps I love you easy you make getting the nuts and bolts off XD "uhh" lol

  7. Felix Covarrubias

    scotty the man

  8. Unassailable Ferrari

    Oh it was a Mercedes!!! That must've costed waaaayyy more than replacing components on that perfect mustang gt you love so much! Haha hypocrite

  9. What a great video, Thank you. Does this also apply to a 2001 Infiniti Qx4 4WD SUV? I do alot of home repair but don't know if I can handle this one. If I had a shop do it what would be a reasonable price for labor and parts combined? THANKS!

  10. will this work for a 1999 honda accord? I want to see if it's hose I've already changed the pump and still making noise I think it's the hose on top 🙂 thx scotty

  11. David Ferguson

    How many psi do you recommande for tightening the line?

  12. when you filled it in with the dye, was is completely empty of fluid?

  13. some lines are behind the power steering pulley and you need a power steering pulley remover to get that pulley off to access the line. also need good clinch wrench to get lines off in small spaces to make it easer, a regular wrench might strip em.

  14. Maryellen Johnson

    Hi scotty at 1:02 on your video the fitting you removed with the wrench them turned by hand off. I just purchased a new hose for my 2003 sorento. That same type fitting does not turn at all it is like it is welded on. I got a replacement and same thing. How would I get this to turn. Thanks for your time…

  15. check to make sure the old O-ring came out when you removed the old hose!

  16. like your videos Scotty they are helpful

  17. today I replaced my power steering pump on my 94 Gmc z71 and it still leaks I traced my steps I forgot the o ring to go on the back of the resavore it leaked bad and the new pump bearings fried and the good thing is I have lifetime warranty on the pump so got to replace it again I felt dumb

  18. Cheers ears

  19. william hocking

    Can you help me with the power steering hose on my 99.saturn ?

  20. Hey Scotty, I've got a 2003 Hyundai Sonata. The power steering leaks, hits the serpentine belts, and flings all over. I'm not too sure but I think it may be the return hose that's leaking. Is it fairly similar to changing the high pressure hose? I can't seem to find any good videos on it, just the high pressure hose.

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