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Painting Interior Panels Part 1 (Nissan 350Z)



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  1. What pry tool was that?

  2. Blacksheepevox

    could have had a nice finish but you just dusted the clear you need to apply clear heavier than regular paint to get a nice finish then after you can wet sand and buff it to get it perfect =D

  3. is this any different through the years?

  4. Arif Kamaruzaman

    i need to sleep.

  5. I have to say it's not really good finish.

  6. I panicked when you pulled the plug by the wires… oh man…

  7. Ozan Gültekin

    I think you forgot to wet-sand, and then polish it. thats not a finish anyone here wants. thats not a finish at all. u call that shiny? my friend, just do a proper job if u want subscribers…

  8. juandicimo_ 23

    350 ZED ?

  9. You do not know paint…

  10. Holy fuck stop flicking the fucking towel around when you're talking you cunt.

  11. These door handles are notorious on the 350Z…Everyone i'v ever seen has a really tired looking interior..I've decided to wait another year and buy a 370Z instead..Far superior cabin.

  12. i did not finish the vieo jet …. but the moment he said he bought a tool to get the pannels out i knew that he is about to fuck up

  13. Have you also touched up the door handle/AC vent area as well? They are just as bad as these panels but I've never tried removing them

  14. Bed Liner lays down a little thicker perfect for older cars/trucks this help keep the panel from wiggling and feeling loose plus the extra grip graps on to surrounding panels just giving off a better build feel. I love using bed line works great for mirrors and bumpers as well I like to leave to surface more abrasive then when using a normal paint. Bed line likes to peel.

  15. You should have used plastic dip

  16. heyitschinoable


  17. That looks like shit. Should of made it flat black with flat clear coat. Keep it looking factory, if someone is looking to buy the car they are going to think what the hell is this shit? You did have decent prep work though.

  18. Looks shity 😏

  19. Brake paint or a nice gloss finish

  20. Rule NR1 never pull on the wires to remove it.
    Also why remove the wire if you're going to unclick the whole mechanism ?

    For the rest great video. Also there are 1k plastic primers out there.
    This is 99,99% of the reason why the paint doesn't stick as good on plastic.
    You need to put plastic primer on before you put the actuall primer on.
    Then the primer attaches well to the plastic.

    This is only if you want to do a perfect job ofcourse.

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