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Interior Detailing: Tools, Techniques, and Materials — /DRIVE CLEAN



  1. its a waste to use microfiber on interior. they dont absorb for shit. terry cloth for interior. your not gonna scratch anything

  2. Larry your awesome. Love the tips

  3. ‫עדי מנו‬‎

    whats the name of this material?

  4. Chipmunk chatter starting @ 7:54…

  5. Gabe Reyes (Gabethababe3)

    This video is really awesome. I thought those brushes were pointless and overrated, but with explanation, it makes sense to me now. I usually just use a microfiber towel to clean both exterior and interior, but I'm gonna invest in these tools for better detailing

  6. what vacuum was that?

  7. fuck it ill just go to the car wash…

  8. What do you do for glass/windows? Tinted and not tinted.

  9. What's that soapy liquid you're using with the brush?

  10. lexus is250/350 interior

  11. do you guys have a auto detailing shop in nyc?

  12. I have a 95' Ferrari 355 spider. There was some stains in the leather. I removed them by applying armor all to a scotch brite pad. I rubbed out the stains and it came out fine.

  13. Larry, do you know how i would remove sharpie from my plastic dash board? I've looked on the internet and a few people said WD-40 and hairspray, I've used both, and a few obvious products like nail varnish remover and products alike, its faded but is still quite clearly visible. Any ideas?? great video as always btw.

  14. one question! the products you use in this video demo are amazinh but a bit expensive for use as commercial i just started my own detailng mobil shop hehe but ive been looking & trying different types of chemicals what would you suggest me for a commercial use! i love thise products this are the ones i use for my personal cars! Thanks and greetings from central California!

  15. easy to clean when you have those hundreds if not thousands of dollars of equipment, which the average fella doesnt wtf

  16. Where can I buy that steamer

  17. what did you use on the leather to take the dirt of.? thanks.

  18. how many times did he say "microfiber towel" ?

  19. Antonio Details

    great job!!

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