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Inside VIA Motors Self-Charging Extended-Range Electric Truck Powertrain



  1. This video was posted almost 6 years ago and via had still produced nothing but vaporware….

  2. lol way worse than tesla cars

  3. Richard Penrod

    A small diesel engine would be better as a generator, these trucks are setup the same way as the super-sized dump trucks. It does add a little weight but since the I.C.E. is only running at peak efficiency it's more economical. I do like the idea of a trans because it reduces wear on the motor at higher speed but a trans specifically designed for this application might improve the vehicle overall, maybe lower gears in the first few and higher tq capacity. The generator doesn't have to be mounted in a traditional manner since there is a generator attached, it could be mounted horizontally if the engine is small enough such as a 4cyl diesel allowing the driveline to be mounted farther forward allowing for more room for batteries in the rear and an extended range. Since there is more base weight in the rear the rear suspension should be upgraded a bit so it can at least have the same capacity as the factory truck. All in all I think that this is a step in the right direction for Hybrid design.

  4. why not use something like 900cc motorbike engine…or less, should have more than sufficient power to run the genny…

  5. vehicle



  6. WorldsBestDesigner

    We're fund-raising to improve our electric automotive technology.


  7. what's price of this cars?

  8. Only 40 friggin miles? All that mileage, and I bet it's SOOOOOOO cheap to install, right?  This is all just BS, until they figure out how to make a reliable, self-recharging/self-generating ALL ELECTRIC system, that even a poor family can afford.

  9. What kind of range on a full tank of gas?

  10. das great

  11. Great work! A gas engine assisted electric motor (GEAEM) vs. bonehead hybrid? Why not use already available amazing charging technology of the regular 12 volt batteries with alternators. The charge time is super fast and you can use a much smaller gasoline/diesel engine. You can of course chain the 12 volts into 24 or 48 volts. 

  12. Michael Keegan

    Ok, so riddle me this: Why not simply take a 100amp alternator, like the single wire units we use in hot rod conversions, and add a pulley to the same electric drive motor? This way, the Alt is recharging the batteries while the vehicle is moving, much the way it recharges the battery in an I.C. vehicle…


    hello,,is sound nice but the cost for this VIA motor is!?????

  14. johndeere221981

    video broken

  15. It seems that since the complex gas engine is not being used to turn the drivetrain at all, the gas engine is a huge waste and added complexity and complex maintenance.

    One of the MAIN BENEFITS of having electric motor only is SIMPLICITY AND LACK OF MAINTENANCE NEEDS. Ad electric motor just has 2 main bearings, it requires no fuels, no lubricants, no coolant, no hydraulic fluid, no liquids of any kinds, no liquid maintenance.

    So over 100k or 200k miles, that would be a savings of 80 oil changes, ($40 per oil change)x(80 oil changes) = $3200 in savings on oil changes in 200k miles.

    And if you can save on fuel, the savings can add up and possibly "pay for" the original purchase of electrical equipment; that is one "possible benefit" to a person willing to convert to electric right now.


    Right now, with limited range on electric vehicles, I see the optimal scenario as being this: Have on regular fuel car for long distance needs. Have a second car, your electric car. I would choose to convert a pickup with a manual transmission and put the batteries under the bed for added weight in the back for traction in winter. And the rear wheel drive layout will simplify the installation of the electric motor.

    So. You would use the electric truck under most scenarios, unless you needed a second vehicle during the day, and you would take the gas car on long trips.

  16. Might be a alternative for a truck with a blown engine.
    Watch states raise tax rates for electric vehicles, because they are "not paying their fair share".

  17. ok if i have batteries right. one motor push the truck and a generator to charge the batteries so take out the gas motor and hook it to the electric motor and no more gas maybe im missing something or big oil want to sell gas a little bit more. the truck is going to be a tank anyway.

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