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How To Perform a Butt Weld (Welding Car Panels) DIY Auto Body Repairs Tips



  1. you panel beaters still usng MIG on light gauge
    TIG would be much more appropriate

  2. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover how do you spray paint a car try Alkarno Spray Paint Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got great results with it. 

  3. hi man, on how many amperes is your welder working?

  4. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    These are coupons. However, when welding a panel on, you do want to use a skip weld technique to prevent the metal from overheating. This video is demonstrating how to weld. The heat management is taught later after they learn how to weld properly.

  5. I don't understand… Nearly every video I see on mid welding for body panels it shows them doing the stop and go pattern like in the video. I was basically told this would completely warp the metal and should be done in a sort of rotating stitch pattern off of tacks around the spot welds. Even give it some time to cool off… This goes against everything I'm being taught… What gauge metal is that?

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  7. hey you guys should look at getting some cheap LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY welding masks. you can see through them whilst your not welding really well but as soon as you start welding they darken so you don't go blind 🙂

  8. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    @CF4LIf3 Yes, this would work. Thanks for watching!

  9. @ButlerCollision, would this technique be alright to use on the floor panels of my 79 Cutlass? It's not a large hole, but I do plan on making it larger to get a proper patch in. Thanks.

  10. HansJakobHoffman

    It sounds like the ghost of Buddy Holly is haunting your garage.

  11. @516N4L SMAW is also known as FSMA(Flux Shield) and as MMAW(Manual Metal)

  12. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    @hownychea Great..I am glad it helped you. Thanks for watching!

  13. thanks for the video, it helped me out!

  14. DIY How To Paint A Car School

    @fsbxxx1 I appreciate you taking a few minutes to watch the video.

  15. Good job guys! Keeping it simple! I'm a newbie to these wire welding shenanigans (done my share of mma), and love to see how these basic things are done. Thumb up!

  16. @panbread89 Dont be Different and say mig 🙂

  17. caleb crosswhite

    lol the only bad thing about showing them in a flat postion in welding it is useally in vertical of horazontal welding.when i went to school for it the flat postion was easy then overhead whooped my ass lol.but hell now i have my full certifations in arc mig and tig in all postions.i can weld anything you put infront of me but now im working on lead welding

  18. good job guys. i wish i knew how to weld when i was your age. beads look great.

  19. You either have feel for what is required or not, amps and WF wise, to perform the required weld.

  20. Here are some things you can do to reduce or eliminate your burn-through problems.
    1) reduce your WFS and volts. I recommend you throw out that chart inside your welder. Despite what you may believe, burn-through is not a normal function of welding, when the proper settings are used.
    2) Use .030 wire. thinner wire, less current, less heat.
    3) Switch to Ar+2%O2 shield gas. Ar+25%CO2 is a "high energy" shield gas that is best suited for Dual-shield on thick steel plate, not thin sheet metal.

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