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How To Install Car Interior LED Lights



  1. I live in Sweden and my friend from America told me about this. So I bought it! The shipping did cost more than the LED lights + adapter, but it was totally worth it! Didn't know if this was going to work but it did. It's really Awesome!

  2. cool. you made it look easy.

  3. can i install for my car hw much is it ??

  4. Awesome work


  6. Can you make a video like how to install LED when door open it will light on thank you.

  7. Chris Rodriguez

    will this fit in my 2015 dodge dart ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. ZerosRebellion

    this isn't illegal right???

  9. Skeefoo Panama

    Where can I gets mines?
    I got's to get mines.

  10. I bought these like a year or two ago. Still have them, they still work great in my car. I want to do the same for the exterior of my car, but I feel its going to be a problem with the cops. I live in Alabama, and im right next to georgia.

  11. Wait what do I secure the LEDs with?🤔😂

  12. Will this work on a mustang 2014? And is it legal in Texas ? Please help!!!

  13. love it, just 1 quest? if I connect those led lights just wit cigarette power adapter can it be able to work properly?????

  14. Loving the music lol

  15. does this work on a chevy malibu 2009?

  16. I am thinking about purchasing these lights but can wire be added to the existing wires because I'm installing on a 03 tahoe and the only place you can mount the other two for the rear lighting is under the back seats and the passenger side wire will not reach around it will need about 8-10 feet I want the clean look.

  17. Jason Heneghan

    Does it include zipties by a chance?

  18. Brandon Gandara

    will this work in my mustang 2000. I wouldn't need any installation accessories?

  19. Rajeve Munnuwah

    Will it work on A tiida

  20. Ethan Nunnally

    Will this work on my 1912 Ford?

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