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  1. Hi. Like your videos. Very informative. I am not really looking to solve any car problems. Just interested. One question though. I watch different videos, even different guys, and I don't see any of the mechanics with a car hoist. Any reason?

  2. plz help if possible

  3. the steering wheel doesn't shake neither does the car but when reversing it sounds like a big clump and when going forward it's a consistent rattling almost small clumps the sound is located on the right side of the car sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the back right tire sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the front right tire

  4. I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber and it makes a clumping noise and when I go backwards it sounds and feel like something is braking, I know I have to change my brakes and rotors but this sound is something totally different can somebody please help

  5. thanks for this course..Yes, I benefited from this

  6. Awesome hood trick!

  7. what if hear clicking in the steering wheel when you do that?

  8. it is exactly the same problem I have in my nissan xtrail 2002

  9. dude you are my go to guy for car stuff! you have helped so much thanks!


    You were very thorough and full of useful information. Great Video

  11. I have a 2006 Honda civic and I hear a noise like tapping from the rear right side when i am slowing down and hitting the brakes ??

  12. Can worn lower control bushing cause a vehicle to pull to one side?I have this 2000 Tacoma prerunner and the alignment guy at the shop where I took it told me that the lower control arm bushings are worn and need to be replaced.He had done an alignment and when I took it on the freeway it pulled to the rightso I took it back and that is what he told me.Thank you

  13. I have a 2007 Chevrolet Malibu and every time i brake a bit hard, acelerate, or turn the car, it makes squeaky noises. if anyone may have an idea of what it is, please let me know. Thanks! 😊😜

  14. Eric, you're funny. I've always loved your videos.

  15. iam getting I clicking noise in my ponytail when I turn my head ,,,how do I identify that problem

  16. My car is brand new and i have a after market wheels on it i dont know if that is the case but whenever i have a passenger the steering wheel if crooked because it pulls to the right side pls answer anyone?

  17. Excellent Eric "5 Stars"! Got any vid's on bushing suspension rplcmt 03 CTS?

  18. RandomVideo1234567

    i have a noise in my 350z (manual) it makes a grinding sound when i either take off in first gear or if im turning and shift to 3rd. The noise seems to come out of my(driver) seat. please help

  19. 5:45 "C'mon you son of a bitch… BREATHE… BREATHE!"

  20. Tawanda Precious Singizi

    Hi I have a 2003 Toyota Avensis Estate (station wagon) 1AZ-FSE 2.0 litre engine with 152 000 km milage. I changed the front shocks in May last year as the front right shock was damaged. I replaced them with cheap no names as I was travelling. When I came back home the right one was damaged again( after about 2 000km) I took it to the guys who specializes in suspensions and they confirmed the right shocked was damaged again and replaced them with the Monroes shocks and now after about 6 000 km of driving the right shock is damaged again.
    The shock’s piston rod shaft in both the shocks that were removed so far were bent. About an hour ago I look at damaged one and the shock’s piston rod shaft is bent. The left hand side shock’s piston rod shaft is straight. i am not getting any bouncing or steering shaking. I am ONLY getting rattling noise when I go through bumps.
    Please help before I buy a set of shocks again.

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