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How to Clean Your Car Interior Plastics & Vinyls



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  1. dude, how much to wash my whip?

  2. should have used the airtool first,to get all the crap of the seats out hes own words ,i dont think it was profesional,anything to make a money,poor detailing,sorry

  3. If I were you I would ditch that air nozzle and get a pistol style blow gun. They are a lot more ergonomic.

  4. Nick Sanfilippo

    should have put the window down before he sprayed the panel, oversprayed the tint…

  5. video only starts at 04:00

  6. this is how you sell detail products…this is not how you detail. some of you will understand this, and some of you will be customers.

  7. krillerdk123321

    Spray the shit out of everything with silicone spray, wipe off.

  8. A black interior is the worst example ever. If your products are good then use them on a car with white, light tan, or some other light colored interior.

  9. Omg why so cute tho?… So not your typical car wash guy..

  10. Could you do a show about the plastic rubber bumpers, side skirts, running boards for toyota 4runners 96 – 99? Thanks

  11. This product doesn't effect the tint on the glass? That's. always a worry of using anything near the tinted glass.

  12. Im trying to remind myself im not gay

  13. Do you guys do delievery of your products?

  14. Zach P (YoungGuns-Ap)

    so sick of people shoving their product in your face.

  15. People actually pay to have detailers clean their ALREADY clean interiors? Hey, wherever a profit it to be made, it should be made ha.

  16. pls get an uglier guy for this… I can't watch properly… too perfect.. mah gawd

  17. Good tips dude!

  18. toooo talktavie

  19. the good looks are a little bit distracting

  20. Are you shipping your products in India???

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