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How to clean fuel injectors in your car.



  1. save yourself money and buy new injectors for the car. It costs less and doesn't require you to buy an expensive tool like that. plus, I think you need an air hose to operate it so an air compressor along with it.

  2. funny and excellent video,enjoy your videos

  3. Larry Alexander

    hey Scotty i have a 2007 Cadillac CTS 2.8 that needs fuel injectors…do u no how to remove the injectors on this car

  4. nicholas nkwocha

    My Nissan Pathfinder 2000 does not respond well when you throttle down. Please could you suggest is a likely cause?

  5. nicholas nkwocha

    I am really overwhelmed with the new update and an awesome way to get my car going. I just love it.

  6. Scotty is a terrific host.

  7. doesnt seafoam do the same thing and cleans the catalictic conv as well?

  8. mario agostini

    Scotty,, can you answer my EGR valve deletion question? I sent you two attachments to your email address.

  9. James Siamayuwa

    what courses a 2005 mazda demio to loose speed jst after take taking off.

  10. James Siamayuwa

    what courses a 2005 mazda demio to loose speed jst after take taking off.

  11. Should you do this on a direct injection car, will it have the same effect?

  12. Peter Gabriel approves

  13. i have a 04 Silverado and its start missing after about 5 min of driving it took it to alot of people and no one can tell me whats wrong the computer just shows 02 sensors cuz i have long tube headers and i only could use the front 2 but not the back 2 can that be my problem?

  14. where can I buy this?

  15. Indrekk Pringi

    Hey Scotty!
    ""Hook the air supply up""? What air supply? I don't have an air compressor.
    What is that hose hooked up to? What's on the other end? Aha! I checked the comments and it DOES need an air compressor. One last question: If it only costs 100 bucks for a garage to do it: Is it worth buying the Run Rite and giving it to a garage to clean it for me, or should I just let them use their own fuel injector cleaner?

  16. where do you buy this product from

  17. Scotty, have you personally tried the Run-Rite fuel system cleaner on your own car? Or felt the difference on another person's car after using it?

    I'm hearing mixed reviews. I've used the techron cleaner a couple times, seems to marginally help.
    Do most shops carry this Run-Rite and provide this service?

    How much in labor would this service cost?

  18. My 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8 4 cylinder idles kinda rough and jerks at about 40-45mph on the highway…I replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor with a good one last month and that fixed the car not wanting to crank at all. It doesn't die, just acts like it's going to and worries me when idling at a red light or stop sign…I was told maybe the Fuel Injector for cylinder 3 is bad? I was told since the car cranks up instantly with no problem that it's not the fuel pump/filter (which are under the back seat and go together, the fuel filter isn't on the bottom of the car next to the tank like I've seen in others). The guy I bought it from said "has some New parts ecm, battery, plugs, coil packs, intake temperature sensor, and crankshaft sensor. The bad is there is a cyl 3 misfire, engine compression and catalytic converter both tested fine so what's left is gonna be a fuel pressure problem like pump or injectors or throttle position sensor or a mass airflow sensor all easy fixes but does run and drive"

  19. so im curious how much is this set up and where to buy it ?

  20. what is good to use on oldr cars with carberator

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